Cate's Calorie Counting Diary

Hey everyone,

I'm new and my name is Cate :) *waves*
I am 16 and i live in Australia.

I have been overweight all my life, and am trying (once again) to get healthier.

At the moment, i weigh 78kg and my height is 165cm
My goal weight is 59kg and my method of weight loss is calorie counting/ restriction and exercise.

My plan is to lose as much weight as possible before the first of February (when school starts back). This will be achieved through calorie counting and trying to stay under 1200 calories and exercising.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year :)

Email me if you want to talk :)
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So, today has been okay(ish):

I had..

Rice crackers: 200
Watermelon: 50
Museli bar: 85
Chocolate mousse: 65
Cereal x2: 250

all together: 650 calories

I also burned 600 calories at the gym, but i'll round it down to 500 because i doubt that it was an accurate measure...

It's 2:19pm, and i'm going to try not to eat much more today, i'll have dinner (a 350 calorie meal), if i feel hungry though.

So that will bring my total consumption to: 1000 calories
and my net consumption to: 500 calories

Okay i guess.
I'm going to exercise more tomorrow.
I also have ALOT of school work to do this month before school starts back in February.
And i'm going on holidays from the 14th to the 21st of January so that means that i really only have 3 weeks to do school work!!

Going on holidays won't be a problem for staying on my diet though because my mum promised not to tell me what to eat r comment on what i am eating :)... so theoretically, i could have yogurt for breakfast, fruit for lunch and some sort of salad for dinner.

Today i had:

- Weight Watchers meal: 144 calories
- Rice Crackers: 100 calories
- Chocolate mousse: 65 calories
- Sugarfree powerade: 5 calories

SO that makes, 314 calories

And i burned 600 calories at the gym, which i will round down to 500.

It;s 3:00pm, and i just finished eating.
I'm going to a movie tonight at 6:45pm, so i don't think that i'll want to eat much afterwards. :)

3 pieces of watermelon: 40 calories
Yogurt: 70 calories
Apple: 50 calories

474 calories all up
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Went a bit over today i think:

3 bowls of bran cereal: 540 calories (arrgh)
1 and a 1/2 cup of skim milk: 150
chocolate mousse: 65
Weight watchers meal: 144

= 899 calories

I'm going to the gym later and i'll try to burn off 1000 calories

NOTE TO SELF: only 1 bowl of bran cereal per day!!!!


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Hiya! You appear to have alot of self-control which is great, although be careful not to 'undereat,' at your age you still need a few more cals than might think. Best of luck anyway xx


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Hey, well done so far! I'm kinda worried you might be undereating though - I did pretty much exactly the same thing when I was your age and lasted about a month, I lost about a stone or two, but it did not last! Which is why I'm back here now i suppose! Glad your mum's being supportive though, mine's always deciding it's an excellent idea to go for fish and chips and I feel bad saying no!
Good luck! xxx