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Catherine`s Not So Secret Alli Diary


I hope its ok to start an Alli diary here? The Alli thread is like a ghost town.

I'm determined to be completely honest with myself on here and write EVERYTHING that I eat not just the main things (which I'm guilty of for most of my dieting life)

I follow a calorie counting diet anyway but due to slow weight loss I have become bored and unfocused so by taking Alli I'm hoping it'll give a little boost to my weight loss and keep me motivated.

I started Alli on Sunday and been scribbling everything down on paper which I've managed to type up today. Monday's day will follow a little later.

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.

Day 1 (Sunday)

Didn’t get the chance to have a proper breakfast so didn’t take a tablet. Took my first ever tablet with lunch. Felt a bit nervous about the known side effects as was at work and didn’t have quick access to a toilet but I was fine. For dinner my husband decided to treat me to a Chinese (bad timing I know) so I chose what I thought would be a healthier option. I doubled my fat allowance for dinner but decided to take the tablet anyway thinking if I had any side effects it would teach me not to get takeaways. I was fine that evening and all morning I’ve been side effect free. Strange but I’m almost disappointed. If I had had side effects it would have been horrible but at least I would have known they were working! (Or maybe I’m just mad?)

Food Diary below (Work Day)
Aims of the day –
• 1200Kcal a day
• A max of 12g Fat per meal but I aim for no more than 27g Fat per day.

• 2 Satsuma’s = 36kcal & 0.4g Fat
Total = 36kcal & 0.4g Fat

• Weight Watcher Cream of Tomato Soup = 76kcal & 1.4g Fat
• 2 Slices Tesco Wholemeal Bread = 190kcal & 1.6g Fat
Total = 266kcal & 3g Fat

• Chicken Chow Mien = 442kcal & 21.4g Fat
• 1/2 Cup of sweet and sour sauce = 70Kcal &0.3g Fat*
Total = 512kcal & 21.7g Fat

Snacks & Drinks
• Coffee with Semi skimmed milk and sweetener = 45kcal & 0.7g Fat
• Sugar Free Cream Soda = 3Kcal& 0g Fat
• Tesco Light choices Thai style chicken in a mug = 59kcal & 1.7g Fat
• Lilt = 12kcal & 0g Fat
Total = 119kcal & 2.4g Fat

Days Totals = 934kcal & 27.5g Fat

Summary of the day
Not enough calories but slightly too much Fat!
I will ensure I eat breakfast and no taking the easy option on the way home and getting another takeaway.

Final thoughts …
My final thoughts are a bit of a moan I’m afraid. When husband told me we were getting a Chinese he kept asking me to get mixed starters with him. I explained I’d just started taking my tablets and want to just eat chow mien and sauce. He kept going on about how there’s no point me dieting as I never stick to it so I might as well give up and just eat starters with him. He said it’s not fair that he should be deprived because I’m doing something that won’t work any way!!!! I got very angry, what sort of support is that? He made me feel like a useless cow all because HE wanted starters. Now he did eventually apologise and realised what he had done was wrong, he promises to support me from now on and I must mention my husband is lovely and I love him to bits but it hasn’t stopped me feeling de-motivated today…. And that was only my first day.

Catherine x
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Hi...I'm taking xenical but I never get the side effects the same day,it's usually the next day (sometimes 36 hours later) I think it depends on how quickly your body breaks down your food.
I don't calorie count (I wouldn't stick to it if I did) I loosely follow slimming world which is pretty much a way of life for me now anyway. My problem is that I don't eat enough fat :banghead: stupid I know lol xxx
Hi Emmamb nice to meet you!

Oh dear there’s me thinking I was one of the lucky ones not to have any side affects. 36hours hmmm I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

I used to do slimming world and enjoyed it but as you had to control portion sizes and with so much free food I found it quite difficult to do this and found I wasn’t loosing but I still pinch a lot of recipes from the slimming world thread and buy the magazine.

I find with calorie counting I have boundaries which I most definitely need
Catherine x
Day 2 (Monday)

This is the first day of taking all 3 tablets. Again I was worried about taking the tablet at dinner time as way over the recommended fat but I was fine just a tiny bit of gas. Only thing I have noticed is after I take the tablet I become very bloated, has anyone else experienced this and if so anything you did to ease this? I’m not in pain but my work trousers become uncomfortably tight!!

Food Diary below (Work Day)

Aims of the day –
  • 1200Kcal a day
  • A max of 12g Fat per meal but I aim for no more than 27g Fat per day.
· 2 Slices thick malted grain bread with 1 scrambled egg & ½ tin of plum tomatoes with brown sauce on top
Total = 328kcal & 6g Fat

Weight Watcher Chicken Soup = 92kcal & 2g Fat
· 2 Slices Tesco Wholemeal Bread = 13kcal & 0g Fat
Total = 282kcal & 4g Fat

· Lasagne = 340kcal & 16g Fat
· Romaine lettuce = 70Kcal &0.3g Fat
· 1 Tomato = 35Kcal & 0g Fat
· Tesco Light Choices Caesar Dressing = 18Kcal & 0g Fat
Total = 406kcal & 16g Fat

Snacks & Drinks
· Tea with Semi skimmed milk and sweetener = 29kcal & 1g Fat
· Sugar Free Orange Squash = 4Kcal & 0g Fat
· ½ Small Bottle Pepsi Max = 1kcal & 0g Fat
· Can of Lilt Zero = 11kcal & 2g Fat
· Weight Watchers Spicy Tomato Puff Balls = 75kcal & 1g Fat
Total = 120kcal & 2.4g Fat

Days Totals = 1,136kcal & 28g Fat

Summary of the day
I’m happy with the calories but I was 1g over on the fat for the day and 4g over at dinner…. Won’t be buying the Lasagne again!!

Final thoughts …
Not a lot to say about this day. Will have to do a clearout my fridge and freezer on a day off as I have now learned just because a food doesn’t have many calories in it doesn’t mean it will be low in fat. Counting fat as well as calories is going to take a bit of getting used to.

Catherine x
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Aw sorry to hear your first day was a tough one
- but just think noes he's snapped outta it the rest will only be easier!!

All your food stats don't mean much to me as I do sw - but well done - how are you finding it so far?! Being at work etc?! Xx


Violet is shrinking
Would you not want to go to the Dr's and see about getting the full dose of Xenical? Xenical uses stick to the 5g rule per 100grams too, that helps ;)

Not everyone has side effects, we're all different, it's all trial and error.

Good luck

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