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nearly there!! :)
WOOHOOO first day in rtm today!!

all day i was feeling really nervous bout my first meal, i was excited to though!!

so had a piece of chicken done on the george foreman with a little piece of salt and

WOW how nice was that!! the piece of chicken i cooked was biger than my palm so i cut it in half, and decided id eat the first half and then reaccess if i wanted and needed the other part. as i was nearly finished the first part i realised i was actually satisfingly full, so choose to stop.
now i do realise i did want to finish ...ALL but thats only cause that is what i would have done before...the irish dont waste food lol!! :8855:
but then i thought wait a minute...there is always tomorro!! so put the rest in the fridge!!

i do know i am slacking really badly today with the water (always do be on wi day)
so only bout to hours later im getting peckish, but ill get another bottle of water now, and have my last pack in bout half hour!!

looking forward to reading all the books tonight!!

pics will be up later lol!!;)
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nearly there!! :)
thanks bl :)

i have decided on days off of college for the time being im going to have my meal at lunch time. todays meal was slamon, and this is a new experience for me...ive never eaten salmon in my life and before ll i didnt eat any fish!!
so cooked it in the oven and have to say when cooked it looked VERY tasty!! it was a piece 125g's but i cut it in half to take my time!! and god!! after half of the half piece i was full!! wasnt gonna force myself to eat after im full so offered it to oh!! really enjoyed it though and will def eat it again!! (not sure on the after taste in my mouth though lol)
going down to get all my day 3 foods now in a minute.

my stomach is grumbling at me haha xxx
Yay!! ANother Salmon lover!! :D I adore Salmon - it was my first meal, and like you I only ate half!!! Enjoy these early days where little sustains us!

Its an exciting time! Enjoy your new found freedom - it gets better each week - BUT - on the flipside, it then gets more difficult as hunger, the bugger, returns!

You'll do great!! :)



nearly there!! :)
i was so surprised that i liked the salmon...spec cause its fish and that to me was always a no go!! i went and got all my food for day 3+ god i must have looked funny trying to locate all different herbs and spices lol!! oh was laughing at me and not helping at all haha!!

looking forward ta introducing veg etc into it!! i have to say im loving it so far!!

thanks bl for your encouragement, im enjoying it so far even though before every meal im nervous bout the food!! but i refuse ta have my meal f im "emotional" and not actually hungry!!


nearly there!! :)
thanks ls :)

ok im going to have to be careful today. only went to bed at 12 and then OH came in from work at 2 and woke me, then i had to get him up for half 6 cause he has an exam type thing in work today so couldnt be late. so i realise im going to get tired easily today, so when eating my lunch have to be careful im eating out of hunger and NOT tiredness (really big thing for me before ll). i like the fact that im recognising this though, and cause im off college today again it will be easier to work around.

i am having a MAJOR clean up today on the house, it is chaos! and in laws (without the marriage lol) are down tomorro so dont want them to see the house like this. so this will be my exercise today, cause its all miserable out and dont fancy going wandering anywhere!!

food wise today im not sure!! have so much variety (imo) cause its day 3 and want to try salads etc not sure if just to go for chicken and some salad or make something out of the receipe book. will scrub the kitchen and then think bout it!! have already had my first shake (coffee and vanilla yummy and on first litre of water so all good there!! will report later what i ate!!


nearly there!! :)
ok just had half a breast of chicken, lettuce, white of an egg, topped off with fat free dressing and dill (receipe in book except its with tuna which i really thought i had...obviously not lol) and a couple of things i noticed
1) i didnt like my chicken cold!!
2) lettuce is actually ok!!
3)dill is ROTTEN!! such a strong taste off it, taste in my mouth nearly made me gag its so strong!!
4) the white of an egg...im undecided..possibly if it was warmer and without the dill on it it would have been ok so i will try it again!!

again only ate a very small portion of what i put out, which was small enough!! just worried i am under the amount of cals u would be with 4 foodpacks...i dont want my body ta go into starvation mode or anything!!
will keep trying the receipes out, but im going to have to start allowing for preperation cause im finding i get hungry very quick so by the time it comes i am very hungry!!

have the downstairs nearly cleaned just going to hoover...the amount of calories i must be using cleaning today im running round like a mad woman lol!!
Hi Cat

I am struggling with calories. I am generally, everyday down by about 2-300 calories....which is why I don't understand the pound a week gain for the past two weeks.
I am beginning to wonder if its glycogen??

It just doesn;t make sense. There is a lot to learn doing this here RTM thing!!

And funy isn;t it how our tastes change and become more sensitive to flavours.

Take care hon. Your doing good!!



nearly there!! :)
bl any chance it could be UNDER eating? i no ur obviously over the 500 cals we were on for abstinance but maybe by being that little amount under ur body is getting confused and starting to hold onto it instead of maintain or loose? or then it could be ur glycogen (wish there was some way of knowing which like)! any chance of upping ur cals a piece or are u finding that hard to do? maybe split ur meals up into small ones adding in a little piece in each one?

(ok i no im not the best person to take advise from bout cals at this presise second lol)

i found myself reverting back into a mindset i used to use before ll...id very rarely try new foods in case i didnt like them, and to me then this would obviously be a waste of money, and then id still be hungry after not eating it so would have to grab something else (eg sweets and stuff).
so after i had my meal today i was a tad dissappointed in it cause i hadnt enjoyed it very much and thought why bother experimenting with other foods, veg and spices why not just stick to things i used to eat....
but then i reminded myself this IS a learning journey, i wont know what i like until i try different foods and even then not to give up 100%on them until i try them again! if i ate just food i used to eat this week id live on chicken and salt till the end of week 1, and i wouldnt get to taste stuff like slamon that i did find nice!!

rtm is about changing ur old habits so this is what ive got to do!!
gonna have ,my shake in bout 20mins...looking forward to it too lol!! xxx
Good on ya for recognising old thought patterns! Thats what its all about kiddo! <hig 5> :D

I wouldn;t think low calories would have that kind of effect this quickly - but I will ask about it.

I am just confused....I think I am just having a real mental blip because I know RTM is almost 'techinally' over - I still intend to attend at least twice a month for a check in and monitoring....keep myself grounded, and one foot in the plan so to speak until it really gels.

I have a lot of questions for my LLC this coming week!!!

Enjoy trying new things. I have always been an adventurous eater - but I am enjoying preparing foods in a much healthier way....and I am finding things taste JUST as good steamed, or cooked without added fat, etc. Its wonderful enjoying fresh wholesome food.


have a good nite and enjoy your shake!



nearly there!! :)
blk the only way of learning is trying, then asking for advise and trying again! u are doing fab and have come so so far. i was wandering through the book last night and got confused at the different stuff each week lol!! think ya just gotta take it one step at a time.

ok day 4 today...still feels weird "eating". but have found that i eat until im full when having my meal, then have my other to shakes...but later at night my stomach is rumbling. now for the last 2 nights when this is happening i am tired so i could be hungry for that reason so going to keep an eye on this. also going to take a break twen food and maybe come back and finish my "portion" (not eating all of the portion). only good thing is i have leftovers in the fridge from my own meal and not once am i tempted ta actually pick...which would be a big thing for me before, as well as picking when cooking...so i refuse to that either.

have a busy day today...in laws are down this morning for while, then the bab has a x mass party later!! so going to eat my meal when in laws are down again at lunch.
got to make myself study tonight i havent done anything for the exams on mon...still not worried though i love studying under pressure!!


nearly there!! :)
thanks hunni, nope havent seen the website yet, can take up to a week after going into rtm, kinda raging lol! have u accesses it? i noticed u asked others if they can get on it a couple of weeks ago? i have no probs giving u my details when i am on it if u want. im just trying to take it one day at a time.

ok so scrap having my meal at lunch lol!! they went into town for something to eat and imo im not on enough food choices yet to go there just yet so i decided to take my coffee and vanilla shake with me instead. so didnt actually have my meal till half 6.
i was kinda at a loss as to what to try tonight, because i really didnt fancy tuna (the cold idea put me off i like having a warm meal) so decided id try the "easy poached chicken"..............OH MY FRICKING HELL!! that was by far the nicest dinner ive had this week!! oh came in to taste it (he feels the need to try everything im eating this week) came back for more...and more...and eventually asked me to cook him one...now him and chicken dont really get on so it must have been nice lol!! (dont no if he realised it was cooked in ll savoury drink hahahahaha)
the only thing i did notice is i wasnt feeling that hungry when i cooked it (have had a soreish stomach today but knew i had to eat and it was sooo late as it is!!) but i did eat all off this (ok granted i def wasnt over a portion once oh had finished taking some) but i have to remember that just because i enjoy something doesnt mean i HAVE to eat it all...its all bout fullness etc. not to worried though but will keep an eye on it!!

ok i know this is long but really want to keep this diary properly and this means accessing how im feeling etc after food so sorry for the long post...

ive noticed after i eat my meal about an hour...hour and a half after it i want my shake...now i do know this is not from hunger its actually a guilty feeling.
i still feel like i shouldnt be eating and im after bliping and need to jump back on asap. I no it will take me a while to get into the routine of eating again so not VERY worried about this, but do want to keep an eye on it, cause i dont want to feel guilty after eating anything for the rest of my life, but do want to feel aware!!

other than that have had a nice day and got loadsa strokes (wore my skirt again and felt comfortable in it and not paranoid!! and realised i LIKE my legs!!) xxx


nearly there!! :)
i like the fact that what im going through other people have...makes me feel less weird haha. i WAS a VERY fussy eater! so i had decided at the start that i would at least try most things on the food list to expand my range of foods that i like. so i bought the foods for most of this weeks receipes just to try them, so i didnt want to just eat what i had eaten already. now i know i will eventually start eating the same stuff in a week but like the thought of learning to cook differently.
im going to test for ketosis in the morning cause am afraid im not in it!! even though id obviously be hungrier if i wasnt wouldnt i?!!!


nearly there!! :)
yup i checked last night and today and im def still in it so thank god for that lol!!
ok day 5 today (had to check that lol)!! have another kids christmas party today so decided today id have my meal for lunch. i had some whitening fish, with a dash of lemon juice and salt...yum!! i can honestly say i liked it!! and even better i ate when was hungry, and def stopped when i was full...even better!!
so much variety this week for me and i really like the fact that ive only had a plain breast of chicken the first day!!

nothing else to report today, going to scrub the bab now hes filthy! xxx


nearly there!! :)
crap crap crap....exams starting in the morning!! ive done minimiul amount study which is dirt and the first one is my worst subject!! aaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!! xxx


nearly there!! :)
thank u hunni!! going to bed now cause want to get in earlish!! oh crap lol!! xxx


nearly there!! :)
well im up since 6 going to get into college early so can re read notes!! im in my second year studying accounting!! hoping to transfer into the degree next year so need to get my bum in shape!!
and there might be a move on the line next year so need to keep grades up!!
making good time though!!! lol xxx


nearly there!! :)
ok first exam today was management which was an hour and a half...i was out within 20mins...:( answered 2 out of 3 questions...vaguely but i wrote something lol!!
second exam was tax...which went fab!! love tax cause its all nos!!would say i got a pass and a bit more which im happy with!!
have financial management tomorro, and again that should be ok, cause its no's!!
i can honestly say i was STARVING TODAY!!
i think it was a combination of being up early and having my first shake before half 7, then the emotional side of the exams. so decided to split my lunch shake to a morning and lunch shake which helped a lot.
i got home for my dinner at bout 5 and can say i was starving!! i had already had 3litres of water so know it wasnt this!! didnt really know what to cook tonight, so chucked on salmon...was happy i did it was yummy, didnt go over a portion and felt full after it :)
oh kept asking what i was cooking for dinner, and i goes well what do ya want...and his reply "no what are U cooking for UR dinner"lol he wanted another easy poached chicken lol!! unfortunately i had no savoury drinks left so had to do without haha!!

couple of people commented on my loss today...not in 100% positive way either!! not really negatively but just made me stop and think!! like imo im NOT tiny, im still a bit above 10st so know that im not in danger of being toooooooooo small, but i do know my collarbones are VERY sticky outie!!
couple of the girls reassured me though and it is like they said...if im happy with the way i am dont worry everyone else will get used to me being like this!!

i know its only early days but i am very proud of myself for surviving 6days of rtm without going off the rails!!xxx
Sounds like the exams were fine and you are taking them in your stride. You should be really proud of how you are doing with RTM you are coping brill and I'm glad you are enjoying your food without going mad.

Ignore other people as I'm sure you will. This is all about achieving your goals not what others think. Also you never know what motivates others comments, usually their own baggage so just don't engage.

Hope tomorrow goes well x

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