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catmonkeys going it alone food diary

Well I started doing shift work a few weeks ago and wasn't able to go to classes all the time. The last week and half I struggled due to night shifts and not planning my meals. Well I'm now doing slimming world from home and going to keep a food diary here so here goes.

Please let me know if I'm going wrong anywhere.

I'm weighing in on Friday mornings from now on.

11.11.11 - Weight 15-8, Target 11-7?? ( not sure at the moment)
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13.11.11 - ee day

After getting back on plan 100% I'm feeling so good. Made a big batch of super free soup to take to work all week . Really want to be out of the 15's by Christmas. The weight that I am now is the lowest I have ever been in my adult life and it feels so exciting to be nearly in the 14' s. I need to do this.

Brunch - 2 x lean Bacon, tin of plum tomatoes, 2 x fried eggs in oil (1 syn), 57g wm toast ( HEXB)

Snack - 2x satsumas

Tea - sw chips, pizza topped chicken, 28g cheddar ( HEXA), salad, peri peri sauce (1syn).

Snacks - vanilla muller light, weetabix oaty bar (4.5 syns), options hot choc (2 syns)

Drinks - water, 500ml Pepsi max
Total syns - 8.5
Excercise- non
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I'm no expert because I haven't done EE for very long, but make sure you're eating enough. As you had a brunch you've missed one meal. You've got your superfree foods in both meals though which is good. How much water have you had? I'd say though that your diary looks good otherwise. Are you finding that you are eating enough so not really needing to snack much? That's what's amazing me about slimming world - I don't think much about food past my meals!!!xx
Thanks for the advice, I drink about 3 liters of water a day. Always have really. I woke up late and had a big lunch and tea. Normally just have fruit in between. During the week I make sure I have 3 meals but normally have weetabix and milk for brekkie. X
Today has been a good day eating wise. I'm on an early shift which suits my body and have been satisfied all day.

Don't normally do red days but here goes.

14.11.11 - red day

B - 2x weetabix and ss milk, 1 coffee (HEX A & HEX B)

S - Apple, 2 satsumas,monster munch (5.5 syns)

D - ss veg soup, slice of wm bread (HEX B) chicken tikka slices, muller.

T- salad, smoked salmon,mini sw quiches , 28g cheese (HEXA)

S- weetabix oaty (4.5 syns)

Drinks - water, can of Pepsi max
Total syns- 10 syns
Excercise -30 mins Wii step
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15.11.11 ee day

Today started good but it ended up being someone's birthday at work and it would have been rude not to have a few treats. Feel like I had quite a bit much choccie but not nearly as much as I would have pre sw.

So todays food diary:

B -2 x weetabix, ss milk, coffee ( HEXA & HEXB)

L - veg soup, tikka chicken slices, muller.

S - fun size buttons (4 syns), 2 x fun size crunchies (8 syns), 2x roses chocs (5 syns), drumstick Lolly (3syns) small piece of birthday cake ( 8 syns?)

T - chicken, peppers, onion fajita, baked spud. Peri sauce (1 syn)

Drinks - water
Total syns - 29 ops, need to hold back tomorrow
Excercise - non
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Well yesterday was not good at all . But I needed it sons drawing a line.

B - 2 weetabix, milk, coffee ( HEXA & (HEXB)

S - 2 satsumas

L - ss veg soup, muller

D - pub , 6 oz rodeo burger, onion rings, chips, mayo, chocolate fudge cake, ice cream and 2 large roses.

No more meals out for a few weeks.
17.11.11 - green day

B - 2 weetabix, ss milk ( HEXA & HEXB)

L - supernoodles, mini quiche cheese (HEXA)

D - sw chips, beans and fried eggs (1 Syn) , pineapple for dessert

S - oaty bar (HEXB), hot choc (2 Syns)

Total syns - 3
Drinks - water
Excercise - non
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18.11.11. - ee

B - wm toast ( HEXB) , Spagetti, 1/2 pineapple

L - ss veg soup, muller cherry layers ( 2 syns)

S- coffee, milk (1syn) oaty bar (4.5 syns)

T - meatballs, tomato sauce with onion, garlic, basil, spaghetti, cheese (HEXA)

Drinks - water
Total syns - 7.5
Exercise - 15 mins Wii biggest loser

97.5 left
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Well I have decided that I want to be in the 14 something bracket to see in the new year so need to get rid of ay least 6.5 lbs. In 6 weeks. Def achievable if I get my head down. Then to push it further in the new year for my holiday on 7th April. Would love another 2 stone off by then but that may be asking too much going from my slow losses. Always tend to do good in Jan/Feb though. Not many social events.
Not good , was at uni all day doing a work related course and I have never been so didn't know the area. I could only find a mcdonalds. Thought I was being ok but just looked up the syns and its not good. Oh well, still have a few days to save on syns.

19.11.11 - ee day

B - 2 weetabix, milk, 2 coffee (HEX A & HEX B)

D - McDonald's sweet chilli deli sandwich ( 27.5 syns) medium fries ( 12 syns), diet coke

T- chicken , rice, sharwoods rogan josh sauce ( 7.5 syns)

Total syns- 47

Going to do weekly seems as weigh in on Friday morning.


50.5 left (10 per day)
20.11.11 - green day - another revision session today,luckily it was just the morning. Not had time to do any shopping this week.

B - 2 weetabix , milk, 2 coffees (HEX A & HEXB)

D - 1/2 spagetti, s&s mugshot

T - pork steak (HEXB), sw roasts, roasted carrots, sprouts, stuffing ( 6 syns), dash of gravy (2.5 syns)

S - hot choc (2 syns)

no excercise
Total syns - 10.5


Not much superfree going on as not much in.
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219.11.11. - ee day

B - 2 weetabix , ss milk, coffee (HEXA & HEXB)

D - Supernoodles, aldi chicken tikka slices, Apple, banana

T- rustic chips (2.5 syns) , 4 Asda sausages (4 syns), ketchup (2 syns), sprouts

S - Apple

Excercise- 30 min Wii step
Total syns -8.5



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22.11.11 green day

B- 2 weetabix, ss milk, coffee (HEXA & HEXB)

S - Apple

D - supernoodles, chicken tikka slices ( HEXB) , Apple

T - baked spud, beans, cheese

S - 2 x cereal bar aldi ( 7 syns), jelly (1/2 syn)

Pepsi max, water
Excercise - non
Total syns -7.5

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Hi, just saying hello as was being nosey and reading your diary :) Hope you have a good week and good luck for friday xx