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catthins diary to a slimmer me


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Hi Everyone
Thank you all for my welcome in my introduction.
I thought it would be a good idea to start a diary.
I am on day 7 of my lighter life journey,the first week wasnt too bad ,I did get a couple of headaches and felt very cold,but didnt feel hungry at all.There were lots of temptations which I avoided.I think the smell of food cooking was the worst part for me but coping with that.
My husband and three sons still need to eat and are cooking their own meals.I have got annoyed with them for leaving their leftovers out in the kitchen so they are now being kinder and putting them in the bin.
I lost 6lb which I was pleased with,I would have liked a greater loss but am still pleased with 6lb.
Today I have been feeling really depressed not really sure why.I am feeling really tired too and experiencing muscle pain in my legs especially at night.But I am stcking with it as I really want to lose the weight I am carrying around with me so I will be healthier and able to get around easier without aching joints all the time.
I love the shakes warm Vanilla with a spoon of cofee is my favourite.Im drinking 3-4 lites of water and mint tea and weeing for england scotland and wales lol.
Im hoping this tiredness lifts soon.
I am off work tomorrow so going to try and sort the house out and maybe go to aquaeobics.
Take care everyone
Keep up the great weight losses
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Hi Cathy and welcome!!! we wish u all the best on ur LL journey and well done on ur loss this week x


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Hi. Athy and welcome to the most supportive forum ever!
You will get your energy increase soon, it surprised me, I still fell tired all the time(ha e done since i had my daughter 34 yrs ago) , but when i went swimming i found i could do 3 times as many lenghts as before starting LL.
Be careful aboutdoing too much too soon as its not recommended, so gentle aqua will be fine.
Well done for training hubby and sons to clear their leftovers!
Good luck with your journey


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Thank you ladies for your support it means a lot.
Went to bed early last night and had a lie in this morning.Still feeling tired and a bit weepy today.
Had really bad cramp in my left leg early this morning. But determined to see another week through and hope the energy comes soon LOL.
I have lots of sewing to do today so will get stuck in with that.
Take care


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Hi Ladies
Thank you for your support.
Im feeling a bit brighter this afternoon.Had a cranberry bar this afternon which was really nice.Been drinking water and some more water and lots of mint tea.
I didnt go to aquarobics but did do lots of sewing so feel like I got quite a bit done today. I am not usually so miserable so I apologise for the moaning posts but hope things buck up soon.
Four days till me next weigh in cant wait.


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Hi ladies
Im feeling much brighter today. Just struggling with my thoughs of shall I shant I stick to this strict diet.Telling myself I can lose weight with a healthy diet then arguing with myself that if I could then I woundnt be where I am now.Real battle going on in my head LOL.
I have a couple of reasons for needing to lose weight.
1. i dont like myself very much this size as I do not look good in anything I wear and my clothes are getting tighter on me.
2 I am going in for an operation in 4 weeks time so would benefit from losing some weight.
3 I have two weddings to go to in October.The first one is my eldest son and he is getting married in Iceland (well if the eruptions stop!) The second wedding is in Cyprus and I dont want to feel the way I do know.
So up to know the I will succeed on this diet ,Yes its extreme but very necessary for my future health. I have been 100% this week so far and drinking between 3-4 litres of water and mint tea.I havent done any exercise but hoping to start back at the gym next week.Hope I have a good weight loss this week to keep me on track.
My weigh day is now tuesday as I have changed to an ealier class. So three days to go to weigh in yippee


Hi Cathy welcome and good luck on your journey,stay focused you can do it Hun,it will be worth it!
Sexy xx


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Just caught up with ur diary Cathy. You are doing well, some very strong motivators there for you to work towards. This plan can play havoc with the thought process. Watch the crooked thinking thought. I find when I let my thoughts run away with me I can use it as a way of justifying a lapse. Lapses can be a real pain inthe butt especially when they knock u out of ketosis

Keep fighting the good fight. Onwards and downwards xx

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day 11

Hi Clarabow
Thank you for taking the time to read my diary.
You are doing really well its great to see so many of you doing so well it inspires me to keep going. Two days to weigh in !!!!.
I have had so much more energy today gots lots done in the house.Did a lot of sewing too but upset tonight as my lovely embroidery machine is not working so I wil have to take it back to Nottingham to get it looked at which means a four hour return journey ah well a day out I suppose.
Take care


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Day 12

Had a good day today lots of energy,actually too much I decided to sort out my sons bedroom .He is 23 and I dont usually venture inside.But feeeling full of energy I decided to tackle the floor first and all I can say is OMG!!!!!.The washing machine hasnt stopped all day Ive been in and out the garage filling and emptying the tumble drier.Did hang some on the two washing lines aw well. I only managed to do half the bedroom.I have had serious words with him this evening LOL.
There have been lots of temptations around today as my two grandsons and older son are staying for a few days so lots of nice food but I managed to resist and feel really good for it.
Im looking forward to weigh in tomorrow but also concerned that I may not have lost any weight.
One day left yipee.


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Had a great day today lots of washing done and dried in the glorious sunshine.
Spend the afternoon with the grandchildren.I drank 4 litres of water and three of my shakes then went off to my LL meeting, anxious and excited.It was a new group so I wasnt sure what the ladies would be like plus my original LLC was on holiday.
So I peed on the ketostic it turned pink.I then stepped on the scales and held my breath whilst the LLC worked out my BMI.Youve lost 2lb she announced,I was gobsmacked "is that all I replied" You sound dissapointed she said. "I really am I said I have been 100% drank 3-4 litres of water every day and increased my ativity"...............
So I am to go for a drop in on friday.
I am so dissapointed,is it not working for me?, what more can I do?.
I am going to continue for another week and see what happens.
I know the weight loss can depend on how much you have to lose but I have more than 4 stones so surely the first two weeks I should have lost more.
Sorry to be a negative Nelly but I am so upset.
Hiya welcome to the forums, just read through ur diary, keep it up xxxx


Tough But Sexy X
You need to look at the long term picture, it all balances out for sure just look at my losses. If you think you can do the same on another plan then I think you may have to really think about it seriously as the magic in LL is the counselling! Almost all of us average a stone a month if we are honest with ourselves and stock to the plan. I tend not to drink too much on WI day as I have heard it can impact your loss!

Stay strong and take stock of why you chose this plan xx

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You will have a bigger loss next week, that is how it usually goes. Keep at it and see how you feel at the end of the month xx


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Thank you Lady T,Clarabow,gracielou.
You are all so good to reply to my cries of woe.
I am feeling more positive today and accept that maybe I may lose weight slowly but it is going the right way.... down lol.
I did drink water upto half an hour before weigh in and I had my pack as well so I will try not drinking a few hours before and having my pack after class.
The three sessions I have had so far is the first two communication lessons and the first of the transition. Is this the CBT programme.
I have decided this week to try and do 10000 steps a day to increase my exercise.
So fingers crossed for friday drop in.
I will be pleased at any loss and not expect lots of pounds off.
Take care and keep on losing.

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Good luck Cathy... and stick with it hunny... :)

1ltr of water weighs 2lbs, so it could easily be just water weight... Besides, the official weigh-in is just a snap shot of our weight, at a teeny moment in time during the week. It fluctuates up and down every day, so your official loss was 2lbs, but it might be much more... it was just earlier that day... or whatever! The point is, you are losing pure fat, and although it's slower for some people than others (I'm a member of the 2lbs a week gang so I know what I'm talking about, see my sig!! LOL), it does add up, trust me!

I'm 6 months in exactly, and suddenly find myself only 4lbs from goal! Trust me, the time flies, and you'll lose quicker on this plan than any other, so if you stop and try something else, it'll only take even longer...

Stick with it, bet you have a great loss next week! :D



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Well said Pinkie. You are a fab example of how it mounts up in the end xx

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