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Caught in the binging crossfire!

Good morning/noon/afternoon/evening fellow miniminners!

I'm Rachael, and I've got two stone to shift before the 18th September (when I start uni!)

I look foward to talking to, and supporting you all in your weight loss journeys! And I hope to make lots of friends here! (I'm nice, honest!)

You all seem like such a fabulous and lovely and supportive community, I'm itching to get started!

Today is my last day of freedom, whilst I *FINALLY* decide on my diet, and such, then tomorrow: IT BEGINS!

I can't wait!


P.S. If anyone ever needs a chat/gossip/moan, just drop me a line, I'm happy to listen (read!) xoxoxoxoxox
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All the best with your weight loss, having a target such as going to uni is a really good and should help staying focused. Freshers week, feeling and looking fab will be worth all the effort.

Look forward to seeing which weight loss plan you choose and your progress.

This is a really supportive and lovely place to help you along your journey, im sure youll love it here.

Heya :)

I'm into my third year of uni, just about to start my final 4th year, and from my experience I have dropped most of my weight during uni, so there's light ahead for you! :D

Since being at university I have dropped about 6 stone, and have lost 7 and a half over all, my new goal is to look great for my graduation in a years time! :)

So, what I'm trying to say is we're in exactly the same boat, and I think I know every trick in the book about losing weight (having the will power to always stick to it is another matter, that's why I'm here for that last little push of support that no-one else will give me! lol)

So, any help or questions then shoot :) I'm here to support and give advice if you need it :)

Hope you're looking forward to uni! You'll LOVE it! :D
Hey guys!

Thanks so much for the lovely welcomes! Well done to all of you who've lost weight so far

- Lozzy Gozzy: That's amazing! Well done! You going to look FABULOUS for your graduation! I just know it ;) I may have to take up that offer for some advice in the near future! Can I just ask which diet, or diets that you've done during Uni?

Also, good luck to all you others who are starting out, and trying to lose weight like me! I'm sure you'll all do amazingly!

- IreneH - Hi there, I decided to chose WeightWatchers, as I think it'll suit my lifestyle best! And I just LOVE their foods (which are all, thak good, pointed already!)...I think some family members might even be inspired to join too!

This week I'm giving myself some leeway though, so not totally pointing, but just trying to get used to the system with some practice!!! But that's okay, since I'm still starting out!
Aw thankyou :) Fingers crossed eh!

To be honest, I've found that diets well and truely 100% do NOT work! I end up binge eating after a few days...

The best thing I did was write out what I was going to eat every day and tot up the calories (at the moment no more than 1200) which seems like a bit of effort, but anyone worth their weight will tell you the best way to lose weight is to write it down! :)

1200 calories doesn't seem much, but I've totally twigged onto alllll the lowest calorie food out there and find myself eating quite a fair amount in a day and NEVER go hungry! And possibly the biggest thing was giving up chocolate and crisps 2 and a half years ago (which is unnecessary, but when I get to my goal weight I'm going to start eating chocolate again, which is a blummin' MASSIVE motivator, mmmm chocolate ;))

So yeah, lowest calorie foods that I gorge on?

  • Sugar free jellies (make up your own in individual containers and NEVER let your fridge be empty of them) tons of flavours to choose from... yum! = only 10 calories per tub!!
  • Fish sticks = less than 20 calories per stick
  • Slices of ham = 20 calories per slice
  • Laughing cow low fat flavoured soft cheese (onion or blue cheese)= 25 calories per portion
  • Meringues (to curb that sweet craving!)= only 55 calories per massive nest! Or 16 calories in those yummy little strawberry flavour ones :)
  • Pink 'n' Whites (marshmallowy, always best microwaved ;) and another way to curb the sweet tooth!) = 50 calories
  • Weight watchers yoghurts (esp. the toffee ones!) = 50 calories
  • Alpen light ceral bars (gorgeous mixed with the weight watchers yoghurt!) = 59
  • Quorn sausages = 60 calories each
  • Crackerbreads (rather than high calorie crackers!) = 19 calories each
  • Sugar free wine gums (hard to get hold of but so many less calories! Usually found in Boots or Superdrug) = 85 calories per pack!
  • French Fries (squillion times better than crisps!) = 80 calories per bag
  • Egg whites (average medium egg is 70 calories, 55 calories of which comes from just the yolk!) brilliant whisking 3 egg whites and making an omlette with the laughing cow cheese! = 15 calories per egg white
  • Canderel or any sweetener (I put it on EVERYTHING!), brilliant making porridge with water and adding a ton of sweetener, means no calories from milk and tastes exactly the same :) = practically no calories
At the moment I've been finding myself slipping off the band wagon more often than not, so every 3 days I'm going to treat myself with 100 calories worth of sweets (be it 7 strawberry licquorice laces, small bag of jelly tots, mini pack of jammy dodgers or iced gems etc!)

I reeeeeeeeeeally hope these little tips help! I wish someone had told me these things before I started, because it's taken me donkeys to find out all the lowest calorie food which I can still eat lots and lots of!

Which university are you going to?? And to study what??

Bet you can't wait!! :D
Ooo forgot to say!

My absolute downfall is ice cream, but Walls light vanilla ice-cream has only 60 calories in 2 scoops (that's like the same as an apple!)!!!! Add a few ice-cream sprinkles or a crushed meringue and you're in ice-cream heaven! :D
hello and welcome to the forums! Everyone on here is really supportive no matter which diet you decide to go for!

Good luck on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x

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