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** Chief WITCH **
'tis fine... (except for anyone in your vicinity!)


** Chief WITCH **
if you cook the florets well, and use a fork to break them up, you've got "rice"


And with courgettes, use your peeler to get the green off, then keep peeling right down... microwave for 3 mins... you have TAGLIATELLE!

And I still believe in Father Christmas!
Jo, you're exactly what people like me need. I have NO imagination when it comes to food on this diet. x


Dukan Ancestor!!
Or the grilled (no fat! in the health grill - yum!) aubergine 'lasagne sheets'!!
oh ladies, i need you to come live with me. I love lasagne and the cabbage will work wonderfully, especially as cabbage is Millie's favourite food right now (well actually it's chickpeas, but cabbage is No.2) :)
bravo!! to you for having such a wonderful child that favours veggies! :) I'm very impressed

also makes it easier when you're cooking if you all have the same thing...plus a few carbs for the none dukaneers :D
She's fab with her food. I hope it lasts. The ONLY food I have found that she doesn't like (and I dont mind because she did give it a few go's) is mash!!!!!!!! Little freak :D I did tell her it's the food of the Gods but she just said "dont be silly Mummy!" You cant win 'em all :D
Hmm not sure. Knowing me, it was probably super smooth. Mash shouldnt have lumps in my book.
ha ha ha my kind of porn LOL

Yeah started Cruise last week. It's weird but I'm loving the little things like cucumber and broccoli.

Are you at home in the day? I dont know if i could do this if I were working. It's so easy to throw something in the oven or cook some eggs at lunch time.
Yeah I'm always here :)...if I was working outside the home I'd buy me a BENTO BOX :)...we had a discussion about them week before last... they're like a wide flask with compartments for keeping foods seperate and warm for a good number of hours :)

Then it's all stews/soups/stir fries for those in 9-5...

it can be done...especially if you cook too much the night before...can imagine it'd be less hardwork to use leftovers...

I miss the veggies too and appreciate them so much more these days.... what pattern are you following?

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