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Cause for concern?


My husband = My hero
Goodmorning yummy mummy's!

Well finally 30 weeks, and starting to feel the count down coming hehe.

My midwife is liek my secod mum, known her since i was 11...

went to her huse for my 28 week appointment at the weekend (was put back a week due to my wedding) and measurements all within "range"

Baby is measuring 5 days bigger than should be when i went for my 4D scan last week - took my EDD to 7th Feb as baby weighing 3lb, but they said is just a "big baby"

Since Saturday at MW i went back on tuesday and had put 3.5 inches on the bump - but have lost inches off my bum etc...

So MW is now a bit conerned and wants to monitor me - told me not to worry as knows what im like and left it at that...

Any one got any idea what her cause for concern might be??

Had my bloods done at my appt so any problems should be flagged by that??

In the meantime though any ideas??


p.s keep meaning to put 4d picces up but forgetting - will do tonight!! xxx
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My husband = My hero
Thanks ladies , trying not to panic lol

That's what i thought - isn't an increase in fluid a sign fr Gestational Diabetes though?



My husband = My hero
:D thanks chickie xxx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
If she's monitoring you then can only be a good thing ((hugs)) And I know of a mum of twins on line who had too much fluid but not gest diabetes.. so doesn't always go hand in hand.
Fingers x'd nothing to worry over. Baby is a good gestation so if anything goes on from here well every week makes a difference.
Try and chill about it all x x


My husband = My hero
Will do and thanks again girlies!

think i might just have a chubby baby haha baby was measuring a week bigger than should be! so could be to do with that!

Will let you know when bloods coem back and next time i see MW



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I hope whatever is going on with the gain around the bump and the loss around the rump, will all turn out OK hun. Not even going to try and attempt a guess at what it could be as I'm stumped on the whole thing, but if your midwife is keeping an eye on you, it's just precautionary and nothing definite. :D xxxx Congrats on 30 weeks! Not long to go now at all. YAY!

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