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caved in to food :-(

This week i have been so busy with work and having to look after an elderly lady who has no care yet so ive been making her meals aswell as cleaning her home aswell as looking after my own family and all the premenstrual feelings ive got coz the TOTM is due tmw and yesterday i felt so tired dizzy weak and starving i just ate a bit off food in all the weeks ive been doing this its never entered my head before! and after id eaten i felt sooo ill! it was awful i know im never going to do it again just feel so pi**ed off with myself have got back on it today with no problems but i dont suppose i'll have a loss this week now! :-:)cry::cry:
debbie x
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Don't worry debbie you can get back on track again. You are only human and at least you know why you did it. Hopefully this will make you stronger. It's not easy I know, but practice makes perfect. :)
I fell off the wagon a couple of times last year, then gave up after loosing 2 stone. I regretted it, as my target weight was to lose 4st. Well I'm back on it now, and just keep telling myself that it will be over soon. I even have nightmares sometimes, whereby I get stuck in to a KFC, I wake up in a panic :)

You'll be fine, put it behind you, and don't look back!


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Ahhhh honey don't think like that! You had a minor blip...it happens. I'm no angel either lol. I can't help but think that sometimes your body just needs a little bit of something..it makes you realise its not as great as you thought it would be, it didnt make you feel like you thought it would and so you end up seeing that your better off without it! Don't think about your weigh in, you are back on 100% now and hopefully you'll be surprised when WI day comes :) xx
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you will have a loss bet ya i cheated first few weeks and still had a loss because its less than you would have normally eatten im not saying its ok cause its not even i no that now and have stopped cheating but this is the first time and with all the running about you have done bet you have burnt it off anyway dont beat ya self up you have got straight back on it and tomorrow is another day so pick ya self up brush ya self off and strt all over again you'll be fine :)

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