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Caved in!

Hi everyone..

well, don't I feel stupid. I've just caved in and had a pile of rubbish to eat. I won't torture you by telling you what I had, but compared to previous binges before Liptrim it wasnt a huge amount.

I feel so stupid, I've been doing so well since last weekend. I wasn't at all hungry yesterday or today and didnt have any cravings at all. I can really see where the weight I've lost has come off. It seems I really struggle at the weekends. I already know that when it comes to about 5 oclock I need to stop what I'm doing to make my shake before I slip up bigtime.

Now what do I do? Put it behind me and go on the rest of the week 100% to my weigh in on friday? or go to the pharmacist on monday and confess and see what they advise?

I can't believe I've been so stupid, I'd gotten over the worst of it! Does this mean I have to ride out all the hunger pangs etc for another couple of days?
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It may have knocked you out of ketosis hun, but if you get right back to 100% you should still see a loss next week x x x

Don't beat yourself up about it.. What's done is done, but remember how bad you feel now, so that IF you feel tempted in the future recall this feeling, and tell yourself that it really is not worth it!!

Get back on it hun.. Good luck x x
Thanks Su.. I was really worried I'd be going to the pharmacy on friday with a gain and getting told off and being put onto maintenance or refeed! This is the best diet I've done in years for results and I really want to stick to it! I just need to learn not to give in to temptation.
Please don't be hard on yourself.. This diet is so bloody hard!!!

Keep up the positive attitude, and you should be fine.. At least that is one blessing for having a weigh in on a Friday-weekends are the hardest, so if you do give in, at least you have the week to be strict again (not that i am saying that it is good to do!! lol)

You will be ok hun x x x
Hi Delly
It depends on what you ate as whether you're still in ketosis or not. If you are worried, buy the ketostix and check. You may still be in ketosis if you just had one carb slip. I did Atkins before and I know potato or potato products (chips, crisps etc. are the worst possible carbs, so is a lot of chocolate or sweet things, but one square won't put you out). Before you beat yourself up, it may not be as bad as you think. The weekends are difficult for everyone. It's when families relax and have take aways & wine, beer etc. Not very helpful for us poor sods on LT. I don't have the answers but I go to my bedroom & read or get out of the house for a drive or a walk if I feel tempted and so far it's worked. Occupational therapy to keep me away from food. It doesn't stop me from thinking about it, but I don't put myself in the way of temptation, especially when I'm due a shake or am hungry.
Ssusee.. it was the worst kind of carbs.. almost all of the above! I know it'll put me out of ketosis. Its saturday night itis.. As a child I always had a wee treat on a saturday night and I do the same for my little boy. and one mouthful lead to another. Still its done now and all I can do is move on. I'm definitely going back to curves this week. !
Hi Delly
Don't be too hard on yourself. "It's not a sin to fall, only to stay there", so the saying goes or something like that! Hope today is going better for you. It's very important that you get back on track today, don't leave till tomorrow, when we break out at weekends, we sometimes say "sure I'll leave it till Monday", but another day will take you a bit longer to get back into ketosis and the sooner mentally you're on the wagon, the better - for yourself. Good luck with it & I'll be keeping an eye on your posts to see how you're getting on.
I say crack back on with it.
I went away without my bag of shakes for 2 days and had to eat but still lost as I got straight back on 100% when I got back. It wasn't too bad as I wasn't cometely out of ketosis


Recovering Cookie Addict

I can totally relate to your post Delly so thought I'd add my tuppence worth.

I've been on and off LT a few times now and Im now part way through week 11 and have had a few slip ups along the way. The best advice I could give you is just carry on as if it never even happened. It's too late to undo any damage that *might* have been done. However, just bear in mind that you'd have to consume an *excess* of 3500 calories to gain one pound of actual fat, it's unlikely you ate that much, and even if you did, it's only a pound right? Any other weight gain you might have would just be water weight from your glycogen stores replenishing.

Pretend it didn't happen, be good and it's pretty certain you'll have a loss on the scales this week, or a STS at least. By this time next week you'll have forgotten all about it and be back in comfy ketosis land again and doing great :)

Hang on in there, it's not an easy journey however, what matters, is that you get to your goal in the end x
Get back on track hun, dont quit :)

I have had so many "cave ins" that at one point I thought I was digging myself to china LOL!
Thanks for your support guys.. I'm back on track today!
stick at it delly we are people not machines and yes this is a hard diet but dont feel guilty it was 1 night of your life thats it ive read on here if you really need to eat then have ham or chicken because it doesnt knock you out of ketosis but dont take my word for that i dont know for sure


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