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Caz's Slimming World Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by caz1972, 19 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    I am starting this diary as im hoping it will keep me on track!

    I started Slimming World on Monday 7th Jan & lost 4.5lbs in the first week! im very happy with that loss but this week i seem to be strugging, i have been stupidy getting weighed every morning & even though i had been sticking to the plan by Friday morning the scales say i have gained 1.5lb!!?? how can that be?? i just don't understand :confused: so ever since then its thrown me & im wanting to snack & eat rubbish all the time so i thought by starting a diary on here it would encourage me to behave!

    so far today in have had;

    frosted wheats HXB
    skimmed milk HXA


    for my tea im planning to have extra lean mince beef, pasta, tomato based pasta sauce, peppers, onions & mushrooms
    later tonight i will be having a couple of measured martinis with diet lemonade using some of my syns allowance.

    i may snack on a mullerlight & fruit this afternoon.

    i think if i can stick to this plan today my weigh in on Monday wont be too bad! im hoping the weight gain is just water retention or something as its not like i've been stuffing my face all the time!

    i'll post again tonight before i go to bed everything else i will have had by then :wavey:
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  3. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    Just had my spag bol for tea, instead of pasta sauce (as I thought it was syn free but not according to the website) I used tomato puree & tinned plum tomato's. Added a bit of garlic salt & it was lovely! All syn free! Here's a pic

  4. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    since my tea i have had a cup of coffee with a hifi rocky road bar, some peppers, a couple of chunks of gammon (fat removed) & by the time i have gone to bed i will have had 3 x martinis & diet lemonade 2.5 syns each.

    total syns for the day 10.5 :)
  5. HLBGirlie

    HLBGirlie I am determined

    Hi Caz!
    I am going to be a hypocrite when i say this because i do this too...but you shouldnt weigh yourself everyday! Your body changes shape and you'll weigh different from the morning to midday to night! with looking at your food diary your doing nothing wrong, everything looks good and yummy! your dinner tonight sounds and looks yummy!
    Well done on your first week WI that is very good! Please dont start snacking and eating things you will regret. i promise it does work and the weight will come come off in its own time! if your in it 100% you'll be fine and by the looks of things you are in it 100%... keep it up and looking forward to reading your weight loss journey... if you would like someone to talk too the people on here are very supportive =] and im always here for help if you need it =] xxx
  6. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    thanks for that, i know i shouldnt do it but its a habit iv been doing for the last 20 odd years! anyway got weighed again this morning & i have put another pound & a quater on!!!! it defo got to be water retention, thats nearly 3lbs on since last monday morning :cry:thing is i dont know when TOTM is as i have the mirina coil in & dont have TOTM anymore just the symptoms sometimes.

    i wouldnt mind if i had been naughty but i havent! oh well if i gain that much at the class i just hope it will naturally come off the week after!
  7. HLBGirlie

    HLBGirlie I am determined

    You may still be bloated even of your not having the totm! Keep going and you will eventually notice the weight fall off! Don't give up! You have lots of support on here :) x
  8. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    Thanks again for your support it means a lot & its nice to be able to have a good moan to someone ad I think hubby is sick of hearing about it!

    So far so good today, I've had mullerlight & a banana for breakfast, my Sunday lunch was lean pork with mashed sweet potatoes, carrots, baby sweetcorn & broccoli with 2 syns worth of gravy granules which I made too watery!
  9. HLBGirlie

    HLBGirlie I am determined

    That is sounding very nice :) what ML yoghurt did you have! I have toffee with my banana it is the best!!! LOl

    i am a very good listener or in this case reader haha so moan away my lovely... If it gets t off your chest and makes you feel better just scream and shout and let it all out! ( sorry listening to will.i.am song with britney) haha xxx
  10. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    it was a toffee muller i had! very nice too, i thought it wouldnt satisfy me but it did:)
    for the rest of the day i have had mullerlight with grapes & strawberries as a snack, about 6.30 a coffee with 2 hifi light bars HXB & for my tea/supper i have had chicken breast with bacon wrapped around it with syn free BBQ sauce, got the recipe off here with spicy potato wedges. my tipple tonight is 2Xmartinis with diet lemonade total 5 syns.

    total syns for the day 7.

    my HXA was skimmed milk for my coffees
  11. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    think im guna chuck my scales out cos i lost a pound!!!! happy happy!! so thats 5.5lbs in 2 weeks!
  12. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    day 1 of week 3

    plan for today

    HXA skimmed milk
    HXB dont know yet!

    mullerlight with grapes & strawberries

    low fat super noodles with mushrooms & peppers

    i can't decide what to have for the rest of the day so i will update later :)
  13. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    decided on the rest of my day now, i will be having;

    HXB 2x Alpen light bars

    afternoon coffee with half of HXB & a mullerlight

    tea will be tuna, pasta, cherry tomatoes,cucumber, peppers 2tbs of asda extra light mayo 2 syns

    break time at work coffee with other half of HXB & a banana

    snack when i get home will be special K cracker crisps, 21 for 4.5 syns

    so unless i decide to have anything else that will be 6.5 syns for the day & a good start to the week! :)
  14. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    well done on your loss :) xxx
  15. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    Thanks! I really pleased with myself & am looking forward to a good week ahead, feeling really positive & strong at the minute!
  16. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    Great day today only extra thing i had was a mugshot when i got in from work, so 100% day today, hope it'll be the same tomorrow!
  17. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    are mugshots nice?? what flavours would you recommend? ? x
  18. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    Yes I think so! They are lovely to have for a quick snack & do a good job of warming u up in this freezing weather. I had the roast chicken flavour tonight which was lovely & a bit thicker than the others I've had. Still got to try the tomato pasta flavour yet so don't know what that's like!
  19. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    might have to try them :)
  20. Emma3334

    Emma3334 Silver Member

    Hello hello, ive just been having a little read hope you dont mind.
    You have both been doing amazing with your losses! I had my first weigh in tonight, it was ok but not as good as Id hope but nvm.

    I just been told im not eating enough but feel like im having loads as having 3 proper meals a day with snacks such as yog and fruit also.
    Any hints or tips?x
  21. caz1972

    caz1972 Full Member

    hi Emma, i would just say dont be scared of eating! as long as its free or superfree you cant go wrong! you have upto 15 syns a day also for crisps, chokky or whatever you like! dont be disheartened with your first weightloss, dont let it put you off being good! you could have an even better loss next week! xx

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