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CBT and TA on Lighterlife

Hi, i'm not sure if this has been asked before but i would really appreciate any information about the CBT and TA element of Lighter Life.

I'm condsidering doing the diet after having trouble doing CD and i want to keep the weight loss off in the long term.

But i just wanted to ask about what kind of things you cover with the CBT and TA, like what kind of exercises you do etc. and if it has been of any help to you and if not, why do you think that is?!? I read about what you have to do in an old LigherLifer magazine but i would like some more information.

Last time i checked it was about £70 a week to do the diet and i can't afford that on my own and i have to convince my parents to help out alittle. But i dont want to waste any money if it isnt very beneficial. I know it can depend on the person doing the diet whether you use the therapy successfully but i would just like a general overview of how everyone gets on with it after the diet.

I understand if you are not able to share any information but i would really appreciate any replies.

Thanks :) xxx
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Hi, I guess you would need to idenitfy why CD didnt work, so if it was because it was just a diet and no real support or guidance with food, then LL is the way to go. People do consider it expensive, but what price can you put on your health, how I put the cost into persepctive is by considering what I previously spent on junk and take out this is the cheaper option ha! If you are going to ask your parents for financial support its good you are getting your facts to be able to give them full details and see the benefits.

I am on LLT which is literally 4 foodpacks a day and as much water as you can stomach, I ususally have about 4 litres a day.

The CBT is great it really gives you the tools to make informed choices, understand your thoughts and feelings and assess difficult situations. Sorry, I probably didnt do the CBT any justice at all but can generally say it is the best thing since I have ever been part of. It actually helps me with all aspects of my life not just my weight issues.

This is my first time on LL it is the best diet I have ever done, I am pleased with the weightloss to date. I cant talk to you about once hitting goal becuase I am not there yet, will be soon though I am determined! There are lots of people on here that can offer more advice than me and I am sure you will get some replies.

I currently pay £66 a week, this offer is until April when it goes up to £72.

Good luck with whatever you decide. :)
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Both CBT and TA help you to understand your food choices, they also help you to understand how your thoughts can affect your feelings and how your feelings affect your thoughts which in turn can lead to emotional hunger. Personally I find it amazing, I have tried CD (Cambridge diet) I've tried exante, lipotrim, celebrity slim, you name every food replacement diet and ice tried it and failed, I think the reason being is that you do not get the counselling sessions with any of them apart from LL (Lighterlife) this is the only plan I have ever been able to stick to and lose weight, my WI is on a saturday and j look forward to it every week. I agree with you that it is expensive but then I ask myself 'expensive? Compared to what?' there isn't any other food replacement diet to compare Lighterlife to, I hope thud helps you!

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And wAt do they all do sorry if this is clear to everyone. Else but I'm clueless
Andy, you really do need to sort out a way of doing the counselling... especially with you losing the weight at the speed that you are, you need the training, support and advice that the sessions provide, to help you change your attitude to food, and not gain the weight back again... :)

If I've not got you mixed up with another guy on here, I seem to recall there's no mens group near you, is that right? If so, maybe you could attend the ladies one? I know I wouldn't mind if a guy joined our group... if it meant he got to get the counselling he needed... It's the definining feature of LL, and the key to many maintaining their weight... You must look into it, really...

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Andy I'd be a bit miffed if I were paying all that money and not getting the counselling too!!!

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Thanks for all your replies, i have just skimmed them over and will read them tmrw when i am more awake. I guess the reason for why posted this thread was because i wanted to change my thoughts about food etc to keep my weight off and i didnt kwow how to go about it and wanted some kind of template, structure, example to work from.

Would you mind sharing what you do in your session every week and what kind of tasks you do, then i can see if its worth doing the LL. But i totally understandif you cant share that kind of information. At the moment i am reading The Beck Diet Solution and i'm finding it really helpful but i would love to know what other techniques i can use to change my thoughts and behaviours about eating and to keep the weight off.

Thanks again for all your replies :) xx
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I've only been to three sessions so far, but I find them really good. The whole time at the club takes about 2 hours, but of that only 30 mins is a counselling session, the rest of it is everyone getting weighed and getting foodpacks. The first week we talked about setting goals which will help improve your lifestyle and focus you on where you want to get to, second week was stopping behaviour which undermined what your doing, like burying your head in the sand, and third week we talked about games that you play with yourself and stopping being a victim and seeing things differently. So far I've found most of them are just common sense, but it seems to spur me on again and set me up for the next week. I enjoy them and I'm looking forward to what else I can learn. Mainly it's sitting around having a chat rather than exercises... Hope that helps.
Hi all, sorry for the late reply, i've had no internet at home. I wanted to thank you for all your replies. I'm still working through the Beck book and i'm finding it really useful.

Thanks again for your replies xx
Hi Lesley, thank you so much for your reply. I wanted to send you a private message but i dont think i can. I really wanted to talk to you some more about the counselling on LL. If i left you my email would you be interested in talking about LL councelling over email. If you dont wish to, i totally understand.

I hope its all going well for you. xx

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