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CD 100% and Periods (sorry)

Hi everyone, sorry that my first thread is not the most pleasant.......

I started CD on Monday, it is my first attempt and so far it is going well, yesterday (day 4) I stopped feeling hungry and I can see when I look in the mirror that I have lost weight already however when I started on Monday I was on day 3 of my period, usually it is over by day 5/6 however I am now on day 8 and it is heavier than any I have ever had before! Not painful but heavy and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this or whether it is just a coincidence?

Any advice is gratefully received...
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i'm afraid I dont get periods so sorry but I cant help you out x


Hi its me again
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I haven't had this problem but if you do a search you will find a lot of other cdrs are so it can be a common problem. I on the other hand am still waiting for mine to arrive!! since starting
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hi hun
Yes I had this problem, I have been v sick last few days and incredibly heavy periods. Better now and back to 100%. just hang in there, I,ll see my doc if I have same problem next time aswell...
i am having exactly the same problem - iam on day 4 now and have just started the most heaviest painful periods ever - tmi i know but i have used 5 thicks always pads from about 8 am till now.

I am bad period pains too - thank god its a weekend


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when i started i was on my ps for two weeks but they do settle down


please try again
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have had a few long ones on cd and ones where ive only had a week inbetween but since i had a 14 month long period before starting cd it doesnt really bother me
It has put my mind at rest that this is to do with starting CD so I'll just grin and bear it! It will be worth it in the end!

Thanks for all your replies ladies xx


Says it as it is!!!
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Hi hun, i did LT before CD and i had a constant period for about 4 weeks...but, it is easily solved (so i found out) i got Marvelon off the doctors which should regulate you...so i now have 3 weeks off, one week on...like clockwork!