CD 1000 - gonna move up. Advice please :0)

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  1. fiojam

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    Hi. I've been doing a VLCD for 16 weeks now and am very glad to say I am *almost* 4st lighter. I have now lost 54.25lbs (3st 12.5) and am hoping to get down to either 10st 5lbs or maybe a little lower (10st maybe).

    I did LL for the first 3 weeks, moved to CD and SS'ed for a futher 6 weeks and have been on 790 for the last 7 weeks. So far I've really enjoyed it. My other half has lost about the same as me but in 13 weeks. He has found his loss has slowed down and he is wanting a change now as he is fed up of the same foods. As I do the cooking and I'm not far off my goal I thought I may as well try the CD1000 with him. BUT... I'm quite worried about it :rolleyes:

    We always split our evening protein as it is bit too much meat/fish. We will continue to do this.

    Can you please have a look at an example of what I intend to be my average day and let me know if it seems ok.

    B'fast: Fruit 150clas: Small banana & 90g grapes.

    Lunch: 2oz chicken/turkey & 2oz cottage cheese & cucumber (few thin slices) & a CD soup

    Tea: 3.5oz chicken/turkey & 3tblsp veg & a portion of rice/pasta/potato out of the book.

    Snacks during the day: a CD bar/shake & 50cal of fruit.

    Does this seem ok?

    Can anyone answer the following please:

    1) Are you in ketosis on this CD 1000? (I'm assuming not:cry:)
    2) Are you hungry if not in ketosis?!?!
    3) What are the losses like on this? :eek:

    Many thanks y'all!!! Hope you are all having a great day :D
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    Well done on the weight loss so far .. that is really good

    I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your questions, but didn't want to read and not post!!

    Will be watching to see the answers for when I get there.

  4. g1981

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    I dont know if this helps, but read Demons maintainance diary. She posts what she eats daily and you can see what she did for 1000 cal.
    I actually planned a sort of 7day menu from it! How sad am I!!!!!!! But it gets you started I suppose!!

    By the way congrats on Weight loss this week, snap...lost 2lbs aswell! Am 11.4.....must say the weight loss this month has been pathetic! Suppose it happens.
  5. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!

    Thanks. Can you post a link to Demon's diary please - I can't find it :rolleyes:
  6. MadamDotty

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    Hi Fiojam

    Well done what a brilliant loss so far. Your plan sounds absolutely fine to me, I'm not sure how much chicken/turkey that is in grams, but I'm assuming it adds up to the 175g you're allowed daily.

    There's nothing wrong with having the allowed foods, but in a slightly different order or split, you're still having the same amount of calories and your two packs. So go for it, I think it's a great idea and at the end of the day you have to make it something you can do.

    With regards to your questions I'm afraid you won't still be in ketosis as you'll be adding carbs to the equation which will knock you out of it. But after SSing or 790ing for a while the portions will seem massive and I'd be very surprised if you feel hungry. When I moved up to 1000 I loved having a breakfast and had muesli or porridge, which was wonderful, I just had to remember to have my 2nd shake in a day. With regards to your losses, well obviously it's a very individual thing, but 1000 cals is still a low calorie diet and you should lose between 1-3 lbs per week, this tends to be less the nearer to goal you are. I lost my last half-stone going up through the steps and it took me about 4 weeks.

    Hope that helps - feel free to ask if you want to know anything more.
  7. g1981

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    cambridge diet
  8. GoingToLoseWeight

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    congratulations on your loss so far!

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