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CD 790 questions

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by lou49, 16 October 2006 Social URL.

  1. lou49

    lou49 Well-Known Member

    Two questions please:-

    On a typical CD 790 day of three meal replacements plus the little meal as per the programme, what is the average intake of carbohydrate grams? I could work this out myself but I wondered if there is an 'official line' and I am interested as have had some successful low-carbing experience on 40 - 60gs a day of carbs, but not with the calorie restriction.

    Also - and sorry to bleat about low-carb - I remember that when I accidentally ate something carby, or containing sugar polyols, it had a dramatic and horrible effect on my bowels! Of course I didn't stay on the diet forever (or wouldn't be here - lol!) and I had to slowly 'work-up' to what I called normal eating (ie rubbish food) before it kind of settled down. However all this was quite a deterrent to cheating at the time! Anyone else had similar experiences when they 'cheat' on this CD diet, or accidentally and unknowingly eat something not allowed?

    The reason I ask this - and I am trying to think ahead - is that if I go out and eat a meal which is as close as possible to the meal I am allowed - but something is in it that I don't know about - like a bit of sugar, say - what will happen?

    It will be my son's 15th birthday next week and if he wants to go out as a family for something to eat I don't want to say no because of CD, so would plan to be very very sensible and try as far as poss to keep to the plan.

    Incidentally I have IBS and it has been much better so far since started CD, provided I have my two capsules of psyllium husk a day - I put the contents in my lunchtime soup.

    Thanks for listening!


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