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CD, a great way to give up smoking?!

I have found that now I have 'ketone breath' it has made cigarettes taste horrible!
I don't think I'll try giving up just yet though, ketosis and nicotine withdrawal wouldn't be a pleasant combination :D

My friend once got some mouthwash purported to help give up smoking. You swished it round your mouth and it made cigarettes taste disgusting. I guess it worked on a similar principle.
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Agree it may be too much all at once, but ,if the horrid taste remains it could stil be a useful little bit of aversion therapy. you never know...all vices quashed with 3 little scahets a day.
hoped CD would cure me of ranting but some behaviours are too strongly programmed I suppose
I say deal with one bad habit at a time, but good luck! There's nothing harder than quiting (whether it be eating, smoking, bad relationship...) but we all lie in bed imagining how good it will feel to be "perfect".

And don't forget, only 5 years after you give up smoking your lungs are 1/2 way back to normal, cor the human body is amazing (sorry, just came home from a lecture on the philosophy of science and i'm in nerd mode) xx

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