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cd and alcohol


MUST get a grip
Trust me on this - I drank last weekend & had the worst hangover of my entire life and I'm 37 yrs old! NEVER AGAIN! Ensure you are out of ketosis by perhaps having something on toast for breakfast and a sandwich. Get rid of ketosis or you could be very very very ill!

Or dont drink! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Resident geek
You arent supposed to just eat on the day as it cant gurantee you will be out of Ketosis.. You're meant to do it in advance and work up the plans.. Sorry guys..
It may not be advacable to come off CD just to drink, as its much harder to get back on the plan afterwards.. Is there anyway you could drink water.. or alternate the night with water and diet coke..



Resident geek
thanks for all your advice i didnt think that we could drink diet coke

i am not really bothered about drinking losing weight is more important
amazing attitude to have..!! made me smile..
The proper guidelines say no fizzy drinks other than fizzy water.. infact.. no other drinks other thn water (fizzy or still) with or without water flavourings.. and leaf tea.. or coffee..

but.. drinking diet coke would do you better than drinking alcohol.. you know..

hope you have a fantastic time..

loadsa love.. cat x x x
cheers i dont mind not drinking going to wear my new clothes, my skin and hair look fab to so i will be the best looking person their and i wont be making a fool of myself haha thanks for all your advice its difficult sometimes knowing what you can and cant do on cd

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