CD and Exercise help


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I am joining a gym on Saturday, and while I know you are not supposed to exercise alot on SS because of the limited calories, do you think it would be ok to go to 810 or even 1000 on the days I go to the gym, which will be weekends. Which do you recommend? I reckon I will be at the gym for anywhere between 2 hours and 4 hours a time.

If anyone has any other exercise suggestions I am all ears.

I need to do something though as I can't wait until goal.... I am worried if I don't start toning now I will end up really saggy.

Thanks for your help
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I'll be honest, 2 to 4 hours seems a bit excessive. You can tone muscle, but on a VLCD you can't build it. Why are you planning to go for so long? What's your plan for while you're there?


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Personally, I find any kind of puffing excersion impossible on CD- far too weak to contemplate anything other than walking - can manage this round town for hours but then that is just leasurely - just do not have the energy for anything more.
My cdc doesn't promote switching levels of the plan from day to day, only on a weekly basis.


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I am on week 2 of SS and attempted my first exercising tonight! Dusted off my Davina DVD and although it is 3 x 30min workouts i managed a total of 17minutes!!!! I was exhausted!!!!! So the thought of hitting the gym scares me esp for so long as you are planning, but good luck whatever you decide to do hun. I might just try a gentle swim next time! x


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I tried the gym and nearly collapsed after 10 mins on the cross trainer! Now I am doing the toning section of Claire from steps DVD every other night! xx


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Thanks everyone, I am now rethinking things


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I did Lighter Life and after the first month went to the gym about 5 times a week - used to do an hour or so in the gym (mainly treadmill and weights), or an aqua or pilates class followed by gym and weights and I found it to be fine. I think as long as it's something that you build up to then it's okay, the problem is if you go from doing nothing to doing hours worth of exercise.

Take it easy, build it up and you should be fine.