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CD as a quick fix?

Hi all,

I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks and am worried as i'm overweight and dont want to be laughed at by the pool. (People have started commenting about my increased size). My BMI is 25 plus 1 and 4 lbs.

A friend of mine has recently done CD and has lost 2 stone in just over a month. She has recommended the CD and says that if i SS for the 2 weeks before i go away i could lose nearly a stone and be much closer to my target BMI of 25.

What i'm wondering is is it ok to do for only 2 weeks and what would the impact be of SS'ing and then going straight back to 'normal' eating as opposed to SS'ing and then working up the plans?? (I do plan to start excercising more and calorie counting once i'm closer to my target weight).

Hope that all makes sense? Can anyone offer any guidance / advice?


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sorry another question. If i did SS for 2 weeks would the majority of the weight loss be just water which would go straight back on?

Thanks again

You would probably lose a stone and a fair bit of fat - but if you start eating normally you will have gained it back within a month
Clearly if you go from a VLCD to a much higher calorie/carb/fat diet you will put weight on immediately. You may fiind that swimmers that fit you at the start of the hols don't by the end of it.

However you aren't massively overweight and I can't imagine that strangers will even notice you at the pool yet alone laugh at you....and friends certainly wouldn't.

If you want to SS to get as much weight off as possible before you go and intend to be at a healthy weight in future I don't know why you would want to throw it all away by going stright back to normal. Why don't you do SS and then eat as low carb and fat as possible on holiday so as to minimise the amount of weight you put on? You may even be able to maintain your weight loss by eating lots of fish, chicken and salads and swimming and walking whilst on your hols. You could even take bars and sachets with you and do the 790 plan so you don't get off track.
excellent advice from Sweetpea. If you SS for 2 weeks you probably would lose around a stone, but the minute you go back to "normal" eating it would be back on again in a matter of days.

If you wanted to lose the stone and keep it off you would have to be very careful what you ate on holiday which might spoil your enjoyment of the holiday.

The other thing to consider is that if you are only a little over BMI 25 then officially a CD counsellor is not allowed to let you do SS. You should do one of the higher plans which would not put you in ketosis and therefore not give you such rapis weightloss.

Hope that helps

Please don't use Cambridge as a quick fix diet, it works fantastically if you trim the weight off and then land on the slim runway gently using the stabilisation and maintenance.

It really isn't a crash diet and shouldn't be used as one.

thanks for the advice.

i've seen that weight-matters are advertising a 2 week SS plan for quick weight loss - are they wrong to be doing so?

i think that maybe CD isn't for me and that i need to just excerice more and cut down on the 'bad' foods that i eat to lose the weight and keep it off!

thanks again
The Weight-Matters program is very much the same as Cambridge in terms of the VLCD approach to lose weight.

It may give quick short term weight loss but not quick short term fat loss.....
thanks again icemoose - i thought as much - it would be a quick weight loss similat to the cabbage soup diet which would be mostly water loss that would go back on very quickly when any carbs are re-introduced to the diet.

Have i got that right?
The logic of a VLCD is to burn off all the carb first and then drop the body into ketosis, therefore by the time you have burn off the carb you will be wanting to stop and then you will need to refill those stores.

Don't get me wrong you may very well lose some fat weight but not enough to make it worthwhile to be honest, just cut down before you go on holiday and make sensible choices when you can on holiday and you'll be fine.

Oh and drink water!! Really helps!!


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