CD bars - palpitations - any CDC on line please help!!!


Loves VLCD's !
I was a bit wary of trying CD bars as I haven't been able to have the LL ones without an upset stomach but oh dear...I tired a Cd caramel one for brekkie and within 20 mins and for about the last 2 hours I have been having horrible palpitations and a very thorough clear out on the loo :eek: :(

I almost expected the stomach thing and have looked up maltitol and yes, that's the side effect.....but the palpitations are really scarey...has anyone else had this ? Don't know whether to just sit down until it goes away...don't feel that I could get out anywhere at the mo anyway.
oh god how scary! no more bars for you!

i dont know what to suggest really. think u ought to just try to relax and sip ur water regularly. why not give ur CDC and doctors surgery a ring just to put ur mind to rest?
I hope you feel better soon. If the palpitations continue, it might be worth giving NHS direct a call, for advice.
Take care and no more bars!!
CDC not answering landline or mobile, hopefully she will ring back soon or maybe a CDC will pop by, defintetely no more bars!

Not heard of this before but as with any medical condition the recommendation would be from your CDC to pop and see your GP and get yourself checked over.

Thanks. I don't normally have palpitations so I think it must be linked to the bars. GP is complicated as I have just sold my house and am living 20 miles away from my GP in temp accomodation until we move again soon. I don't feel I could drive 20 miles at the mo. There is a hospital with A&E about 2 miles away so I am going to sit and relax, drink water and see how I feel in an hour or so. If its still happening i will get myself down there.
hope you feel better soon xxx
Thanks KWB,

I am fine and dandy now ! I have just had a cheese and brocc soup and palpitations gone away for the last hour. Which makes me all the more certain it was that damn bar :cry:

Ok will keep away from those. To be honest I think i could live on banana shakes and capuccino shakes every day, yummy :)
Must admit Mel, I've never heard of this before...totally agree with Mike about checking with your CDC and GP surgery. If you are unable to contact your CDC, please feel free to call CD head office...they would be able to allay any of your fears.

In the meantime, no more bars for you!!! :)