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CD bars


I WILL be thin!!
I had to go away for a few days and changed my soups to the bars to be able to eat on the run. I really liked the caramel and chocolate bars and thinking of changing to them instead of going back to the soups but wondered if the bars slowed down weight much?
Anyone know?
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Not sure about that one but they do start my cravings off which is frustrating. I used to see them as a meal and now I see them more as a treat which isn't so good. If I were you i'd order a mix of bars and soups hun and then you have more of a choice xxx
My GF loves them and started eating one per day, but her weight loss did slow down so she had to cut them to 3 per week. But not everyone is the same so maybe the best way is just to try them and see how they affect you?
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They do tend to make my loss slow down if I have one a day, I think 2 or 3 a week is o.k but everyone is different.

I only have cranberry as they are lower in carbs. I have them as a treat really.
they have for me i'm having one a day and losing around 2lb a week now. I think its a carb thing


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I had a bar yesterday, and I find myself hungrier today. I don't know if that is a coincident, but I will probably have one or two a week anyway when I need to (when I don't have a blender with me). Hope they don't effect my weight loss too much. I also think it is a carb thing that I am sensitive about, but I am not sure.
I had them on week three and I actually put on 1lb. Ok its not huge in the grand scheme of things but still. Mine is because I am super sensitive to carbs and plus a medical condition doent help things. I have never had a bar since and if you could only have bars I wouldnt be doing CD. Everyones totally different though and I know someone who has a bar a day with no problems.

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