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CD Bars ...

just wondering whether anyone else finds eating a CD bar makes them hungry before it's time for more packs??

if I stick to 3 shakes i'm fine in between 'meals' but if I have a bar i'm gagging for something by next feeding time!!! Got a bit of a thing for peanut & cranberry bars .... :drool: and use them as a bit of a treat every now and again in place of shakes.

is it something to do with actually consuming solids and chewig?? perhaps I should just stick to shakes???!!! :sign0163::help2:
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a few people have said it makes them hungrier. dunno if its cos its producing tummy acid when u chew when tummy is used to shakes or whatever. all they did for me was make me fart a lot lol


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Haha they make me fart too!

To be honest I've not really noticed the more feeling hungry after the bars I guess I've adjusted to them now. I've just this second had a toffee one, with a nice cold can of diet pepsi... I feel so full up. How weird is this diet :p
i've not tried bars yet.
To be honest my cdc hasn't even mentioned them.
Might ask her on thursday
LOL! Can't say they make me windy - just a bit hungry. Not sure whether it's real hunger or just a yearning to chew/eat proper food??!!! But they are tasty ... mmmmm x


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Keep at em and fight the extra hunger pains with water. It'll be hard to go back to not having bars I reckon, its a nice treat throughout the day. I countdown the time until I can have one!! Whats your fave bar?

Have you tried a frozen tetra or experimented a bit with shakes or anything yet Munchkin? Out of interest? :)

Congrats on your week 1 loss, really really good! x
Arrhh thanks! Was chuffed to bits with the loss. I'm a bit of a freak to tell you the truth!! I am intolerant to everything so can only have the lactose free stuff which comes in 3 flavours. I love the LF choc & vanilla shakes yummy, but the mushroom soup OMG :sign0137: .... not loving that! So i'm down to 2 flavours which I always make warm/hot and drink with a straw to make it last longer :giggle:

To stop myself getting too bored I thought I would use the bars as a treat - I can't have them everyday as they have a choc coating (milk/lactose). I luuuurrrvvvvveee the peanut and cranberry ones. Not keen on choc or caramel - don't like the consistency!!

Tried making the truffles - and just couldn't bring myself to eat them as looked like little dollops of poop ... nice!! Tried the cookies too but managed to burn them so that was a waste of a bar!! LOL!!

Hmmm ... actually perhaps I'm just a kitchen nightmare altogether:rolleyes:. Think i'll just stick to shakes and bars from now on!! Oh and of course the H2O!!!

How you getting on articmonkeys?? You guys have loads of flavours to choose from - I love the sound of cappucino and choc mint ... heaven!!!


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hi girls funny u say that i have been having a bar for dinner and have been getting to tea time and been starving and fell off the wagon a few times, where as with the shakes i was doing great! Its funny the way u dont pick up on something until some1 else mentions it! I think i will leave the bars this week and stick to shakes, maybe get a few tetras to freeze to try something diff. i love this site its great!! i probs wouldnt have picked up on that im so dozey sometimes lol great weight loss girls well done!!
i only lost 1 llb at weigh in last night but i was so pleased i hadnt gained as i had a really bad week. so need a good kick up te bum to get back on track.
Hi Judy,

At least it was a loss and not a stay the same or a gain last night at WI! I'd call that a good result after a bad week!! Are you firmly back on board this week?? Frozen tetras sound yum -give it a go. Afterall a change is as good as a rest!!

Think i'm gonna try the bars at supper time - if I'm asleep I can't think about being hungry .... just dream about food instead!!!



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There is more carb in the original four bars (Malt Toffee, Chocolate, Choc Orange & Caramel) so it can jeopardise ketosis for those who are more carb sensitive. The newer bars (Cranberry Crunch and Peanut Crunch) have the same carb intake as the sachets.

Some people do comment on the hunger though and it can of course be psychological as the sweetness of the chocolate can spark thoughts of more food but regardless of whether the hunger is physical or psychological it is still hunger so if you are struggling after the bars then stick to the good old soups and shakes.



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just spoke to my cdc and thats what im gonna do this week and see if im better, i looked at ur pics mike u look fabulous what a change in a person!! i couldnt believe it was the same man. I see ur gettin a tummy tuck i bet u cant wait, i think i will need one too when im done, so u can give us all the info on it afterwards.


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Oh that’s a shame Munchkin, but so long as you love the 3 flavours that you can have I guess that’s all that counts! To be perfectly honest with you, although I have loads of flavours to chose from my weekly orders consist of: Shakes – Butterscotch and Vanilla. Bars – Malt Toffee. Tetra’s – Choc Velvet.
Lol, I’m quite fussy, it goes against me a tad!

I’ve completely gone off soups I loved Oriental Chili for the first 2 days on day 3 that was it – I’ve never been a lover of soup but I could never have one again! The froth :cry:

Not yet tried peanut bars, I want to though coz I do miss peanuts!!!!! Although I use to have them like 3 x’s tops a year lol, I’m craving the most random foods.

Haha, I’ve not attempted making anything yet, at least you tried even if they did come out wrong! The only thing I’ve experimented with is the easy things… freezing tetras and adding ice cubes to the shakes. Both go down well but I need to get and try other things out before I get bored I reckon!

All the best x


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Good luck for giving up the bars on trial Judy, be interesting to see if it helps for sure! x


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Bars=wind - so that would explain the gale blowing through my house lately!!!!!

For those of you that don't like the consistency of the original bars try putting them in the fridge and eating them cold.
ooooo .. will def give that a go! Have a couple left over that I can't bring myself to eat!


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In another thread going around somewhere Leehal also suggested the bars in the freezer......NICE :)
i have definately found myself more hungry since starting on the bars. Its really strange because i chew gum all the time (im addicted :eek:). So to be honest i dont think its to do with stomach acid because by chewing anything you produce it. Its definately strange because at times ive manged on three shakes and not been hungry (im supposed to have 4). Since having bars i have needed the extra shake. Good luck on cutting out the bars :D


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Its 1am and I'm counting down to my mid-day bar already :)

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