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I'm not sure, but i'm starting to think that maybe they do as my weight losses have been around 2 pounds a week since having bars, but i find that they really help me so i don't mind.


MUST get a grip
I lost 9.5lbs wk 1, 5lbs wk 2 and 4lbs wk 3 - I STS this wk but was so constipated I'd not been to the loo for 6 days (sorry but it was bad) I've lost since Monday and its a fair bit so its def not the bars hun.
Some people avoid them as they think that they can trigger off the urge to actually eat which you dont get from the soups and shakes - I personally have no problem at all and always have mine with a huge half pint of black T xxx
I think it depends on the person. My mum has one everyday and has still lost alot each week, whereas mine has slowed down but it may not be the bars that have done that. I love the peanut bars and the cranberry bars. Had a caramel one today which i do not like!!!


MUST get a grip
Thanks for that,i've had that problem with going a loo! I love the bars just worried they would not make me loose any weight!
If you like them and they make this period of your life bearable then you should go with what makes the diet work for you... Everyones different and some poor people have allergies and intolerances so cant have certain packs bars. I dont think they would not form part of the SS programme if there was evidence that they impinged on weight loss tho hun so enjoy!

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