CD before an operation


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I am having abdominal surgery in Dec (not a TT unfortunately - I wish!) and wonder if anyone else has been on CD approaching an operation? Should I be eating food in the days / weeks leading up to the op? My CDC doesn't know and is going to take advice. Anyone got any experience or advice on this?
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I had a minor op last year and I think I went up to 810 the week before and waited til I was properly healed before i went back on the plan.
To be honest I think it depends on, what you are having done, someone will be along with the right answer soon, good luck.

CW Consultant

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You should be on the 1200 cal programme 2 weeks prior to surgery and will be contraindicated for three months afterwards.

This can be reviewed after your post op assessment, this should be done via your CDC.

Good luck with the op.


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Thanks for advice. At least I can plan in my mind what I need to do soon. I didn't want to go for a pre op assessment a week before and then be told the op will be delayed cos I haven't eaten food. Cheers.