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Cd convert from LT

I wont babble on this time ... as i normally do.

Well i lost alot of weight on LT but some crept back on and well i need to shift it.

Im giving it one last shot to lower my goal weight and hopefully feel fabby again :rolleyes:

Soooo ill be a regular poster in here and have a friend who im going to bug to death as shes starting on thursday too.

I know your all fab on here so hope you dont mind me knocking about :)

ooo and hey im Kels btw :)
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Yay hello my lovely!!!!

Cant believe i have been talking to you for months on justachat and find out you are aslo on here and have lost sooo much weight. I just cant believe it you have made my day kels <3<3

Yes you can keep me inline hun... i am sure i will be txting you on thursday when i am ready to eat my fridge lol .... na i will be good :D

ill be here every step of the way and more. your such a fabby person and we will both do so amazing :D


Slimming down the aisle
Kels.... why do I feel like I know you?! You look extremely familiar! Must have just been on some of the same posts outside of CD and LT sections :) You've done amazing so far, well done you! Good luck with the rest of your journey, keep on coming back and join in on our little chats! And we'll help you wherever we can x
hahaa ive been all over the place on here, sticking my nose into where its not always needed :) i just like talking soooo much. sooo i appologise in advance for maybe taking over the section. and thanks for the warm welcome ...thats why i love mini's :D


Slimming down the aisle
I wouldn't worry about, people will tell you, I'm just as bad!
its the only way i can get through it, i havent been on the site really in such a long time but it was my life time the first time around. my heads in the right place and i will get tooo goal!!! :D be positive and get positive results!


Slimming down the aisle
I'm the same. I'm a student so I have far too much time on my hands until I find a part time job too!
haha the chat where i know tasha, im either on there cos i mod or will be on here. my uni work is going to suffer even more :D.

but gotta shift those pounds.

ooo a question...youve measured inches,...where do u measure around apart from the obv boobs stomach and hips
eurghh imma thicko ignore my last comment ive just seen on your sig. hehe :p


Slimming down the aisle
I've never been on the chat bit actually.

What do you do at uni?

I just joined a fitness/weight loss site and they track it all and take calf, neck and wrist too. So did that this week, but don't know if I'll carry on and measure it all. I do my back size too just so I can keep an eye on bra size!
oo nooo its not this chat site ... its a java one lol :). random but some awesome people .... but its not as good as mini's :D


Slimming down the aisle
Oh! How random that you're both on here then! Did you know?
good luck with your new diet hun, can i ask why you decided to change?? just not losing the weight anymore?
@ caz nooo we just worked out today, weve talked loads and idk it just got brought up in the convo

@ sam i just need a change and more flavours
No we didnt know, I modded on the site for 5 years and met my bf on there. We have been togther 3 years now and moved in together in september. i still popped on from time to time coz i got to know alot of friends there. I seen Kels was the new mod and is a geordie like me so we hit it off. Tonight i told her i was starting CD and she told me to come on this site and i was like OMG i am already on there hehe! So she came to find me :D and ya.... here we are lol
ahh right read through your blog, seen you done CS too

also seen why you put on the weight,

the motto, i now live by is, i'm not a victim, i am a survivor

i find it helps, been through what you've been through so know how you feel.
i was in such a bad place last year when i started, but honest too go its the weight loss that chanhed it around. and i have a hunk of a new fella and have made some mad new mates soooo all the right direction :).

but wow what a great motto ....would make an awesome tattoo.

when i reached 5 stone i got a star on my wrist one for each stone loss...will remind me never to get like i was again,

oopps sorry see i said about babbling :D
babble away

it makes a great tattoo yes. i was debating it but went of a purple ribbon on my inner wrist (prevention of sexual abuse in children) and going to get survivor put on it at a later date.

He's the reason i am the way i am. so when i lose the weight it will feel like i'm finally free
i completely completely understand, i do feel free now ...and i honestly didnt think i would get obver it

but i have and im here

im proud of myself :)

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