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Just wondering if anyone here has any experience of CD (i think DM has mentioned it?)

Is there any difference in losses etc?

I am thinking of swapping to CD after this month on Exante, purely because they have a greater variety of mealpacks and its cheaper, plus the fact that i think the maintainance guidance will be useful for me when i get to that point.

Having said this i don't want to jeapordise my weight loss by switching plans.

What does everyone think?
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Hi Vicky,
I did CD about 18 months ago. I loved it...i was on sole source and dropped 4.5 stones in 4 months. I agree the flavours are better, more variety and it does work out cheaper (the price works out about the same if you are buying Exante promotional packs). You also get a councillor to weigh you and guide you.
I also think CD gives you a much better guide when it comes to stepping up the plans and maintanence.

I like Exante because, being a mum of 3 pre-schoolers i can just order online without having to make time to go and visit a councillor. (I don't get much time these days) and i prefer the bars on this diet. They have been my saviour at times. And of course i am very pleased with the losses that i have achieved.

Weight loss wise, there is no difference in the 2 diets. You will lose approx 1 stone per month when you sole source on CD and 1 stone per month if you T/S on Exante.
You won't jeopardise your weight loss as i doubt there is very little difference in the nutrional ingrediants.

Good luck whatever you decide to do hun, but we will miss you if you decide to swap to CD.


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The thing that swings the vote for me with Exante, is the fact the products are not full of artifical nasties like the other VLCDs. However if you don't get the results you want or the flavours you want, try CD...it may suit you more.

Good luck with whatever you choose. x x


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Thanks girls!

Sounds like its not going to affect weight loss then so i may switch after my month on Exante however i will have to see at the time how much i weigh because your not allowed to do sole source if your under BMI 25 so if i am then its a no go although i may do the 810 plan instead does anyone know what the losses are like on this?

I just think after a month i will be wanting some more variety and it seems like in that respect and maintance CD has a lot more to offer.

DM what are the bars on CD like then? The bars on Exante are my favourite now as i get to chew something!
The bars are very nice (a little bit too sweet) on CD but i found that they were quite small and left me wanting more! Which then led to some serious cravings.
The exante bars are just right and not too over sweet.

The 810 plan is good...very much like W/S you get to have some protein and veg. The losses are approx 10 lb per month.


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If i can get 10lbs a month off thats fine by me! I don't really want to combine CD/Exante products as i'm guessing they will each contain different amounts of my RDA so not sure how it would work, plus it wouldn't be worth doing another order just for bars as i'd have to pay for them individually which is more expensive plus p+p on top :( boooo!

As far as i'm aware your not actually allowed any bars on CD for a couple of weeks not sure why though or if this is correct :?
I did CD a couple of years back and was allowed bars from the first day tho i know not every CD counselor allows this, i think CD is great, brilliant flavors, lovely bars tho as someone else pointed out a little too sweet and the bars didn't have much in them i used to freeze them and they would go much further. Im going to try exante for a week and see how i get along i like the idea of ordering online it fits in with my life much more than going to see a counselor every week ;)
i did cd a few years ago and found the packs are really difficult to mix by hand when i was at work and i found the bars to be disgusting, i really do prefer the exante cereal type bars, but goodluck either way


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Thanks for your opinions all, thought i'd copy the questions i asked on another thread on here as it probably fits better here.

Just wondering if anyone could give me any tips on which shakes and bars are the nicest so i don't buy a load of really icky stuff!
Also are any of the bars bigger than others/different texture etc if so what are they like? I prefer cereal/crunchy type bars to chewy nougat style ones. As i think they have more bars out now so hoping there are some crunchy type ones as angelface says they don't :( Hope its changed!
Hi Vix, I answered on the other thread also.

The shakes on CD are really nice and no need for a sweetener in them either,hot chocolate and hot chocolate mint were my favorites i could have lived off them! Im not too keen on their soups but some others seem to like them. The bars are lovely they taste like real chocolate bars the only one i didn't like was the cranberry one, i wouldn't say they were crunchy but also not cereal like either, they taste delicious and sometimes it seems one just isn't enough, they are all the same size also. I would put one in freezer and it seemed to last much longer that way. I was always tempted to eat more than one bar on CD that's why im hoping Exante bars wont have the same effect and will be more satisfying.

PS i wouldn't have said they were chewy nougat style either but every one has different tastes ETC.

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