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Many of my clients have been asking for savoury additions to the CD range.

Last year I tested a really lovely brocolli and cheese soup. Unfortunately, this never came on line. :(

A savoury bar would be great, cheese and onion for example. Many clients would love something savoury to chew as opposed to a choccie bar.:rolleyes:

From discussions with clients and counsellors many seem to miss cheese and maybe there is a need for a savoury option for our less sweeter toothed customers.:cool:

For the sweeties amongst you, many have liked the idea of a dark choc mint bar with perhaps crunchy bits in it. And another fruity one, we now of course have orange and cranberry.:p

As we all know the tetrabriks are a must for some, it would be great if we could have vanilla as an additional flavour rather than substituting it for banana, many of my customers love the BB made into a mousse with a little nutmeg on top, egg custard tart without the calories, yum:p

Please make a wish list of flavours, and see what happens:rolleyes:

I know that CD cannot extend the range endlessly, however, maybe ........................................

Ok, well Linda has told me I can't have a Vin Diesel lollipop :rolleyes: so my wish list would be:

* Vanilla tetra on top of the banana and chocolate
* Mint crunch bar cos I love aeros
* Soup - cheese and broccoli sounds nice
* Sachets - well, I love the toffee & walnut so no wishes there :cool:
I would love a savoury bar, I am one of the people that miss cheese.

As for soups, I love them all apart from tomato, and would love any savoury option, I dont have a big sweet tooth and would love anything that has a savoury flavour.

although, the choc mint bar would be a lovely idea, the only bar I really like is peanut now, which disturbs me as I loved them all at first!!!!!!!!!
I think a really nice creamy soup would do it for Leek and Potato maybe! Or even a Seafood Chowder....yummmmmmm.
Oh yes yes, Seafood Chowder or Lobster Bisque!!!!
Lobster Bisque!!! Now that would be gorgeously decadent for those days that are a little tough!!! :)
LOL.....would it ever!!!!:eek:

Next on my wish list would be Rump Steak and Peppercorn soup, followed by Raspberry Pavlova shake!!:p

Don't want much, do I?
I'd actually quite like some sundry items for when on 790 and a CD salad dressing/marinade!
Red Wine Water Flavouring

Chewing Gum like the one in Willy Wonka that tastes like a 3 course meal (but doesn't make you turn into a blueberry)

Brandy basket flavoured ice cream fibre 89 would be nice as well
I would like a proper tomato soup flavour - I was really excited when the spicy tomato came out and was so dissapointed that I couldn't stomach even half of it!! Even if it tasted like a tomato slim a soup - that would be fine!

I would also like a cheesy cracker type bar - to satisfy my cheese cravings!

I would also love another sweet flavoured tetra, maybe strawberry or vanilla.

Oh and a tomato water flavouring would be nice - at times I have cheated and had a 10cal tomato soup before my shake so that I feel I'm having a meal and a dessert!

I don't want much do I??

H x
I want loads more flavours in the tetra's like Strawberry and Vanilla as being lazy I am using more and more tetras and I don't want to have the same flavour all the time. I don't like the banana tetra.
For xmas I would like a turkey and gravy flavour soup or maybe sausage and bacon followed by a xmas pudding flavour shake yummy. I would like a savoury drink that tastes like beef oxo yummy and a milk substitute for tea and coffe would be good. I agree the salad flavourings would be great especially if they could be used for aam weeks.
Anything cheesy would be good. Cheese and onion bar or even cheese and tomato or cheese and chive or cream cheese. Cheese cheese cheeseeee! More tetras for sure as I have one for breakfast every day and hate the banana its too sickly sweet, strawberry and vanilla would be nice. Peppercorn soup sounds nice, but I usually just put blackpepper with the mushroom one and that does the trick. Something curry flavour maybe?

I use a teaspoon of vanilla shake as a milk replacement in my tea, I just throw it in and stir!
CD flavour wish list **

:p would it be possible if you could make crisps ready made and the little cakes as my customers make them but would be easier if they were already made and in one portion size.......................... Please Please Please Please Please

shellbabes :rolleyes: