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CD maintenance or calorie controlled maintenance ?


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I am coming to the end of my 790 diet and am wondering what is the best way forward.

In my mind I am going to eat the right things and watch calories in a bid to maintain my weight and hopefully lose a few more pounds.

If it was you would you :-

a) move up the cambridge steps ?

b) eat a calorie controlled diet ?

Any thoughts/comments appreciated, I haven't really seen this discussed on here recently.
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I think the main point of the CD maintenance is to reintroduce carbs gradually so you dont get a weight gain as your glycogen stores fill back up. by keeping the cals very low as you gradually reintroduce carbs you are continuing to lose fat but gaining glycogen so your weight stabilises.

Not sure I have explained that too well, but hope it makes enough sense. I would personally follow the steps rather than try to do it on my own. By the time you have finished working through the steps you should then - in theory be able to eat anything within your recommended calorie allowance without gaining weight.

Have a look at weight loss resources and that will tell you how many calories you can consume to maintain your weight.


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Hi Leehal,

I've got 14lbs left to go so I am thinking that I will probably start to move up through the cd steps, slowly reintroducing carbs, and then move onto the unit diet for maintenance.

CD has been great but tbh I am getting a little bored of it and want a change. For me the unit diet seems like an easy option - no weighing food.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Fantastic weight loss by the way - you must be so chuffed:D


Surely the best way forward has to be the Cambridge steps? All due respect, but it's either the approach that's been researched by scientists or the one you make up yourself as you go along - it's a bit of a no brainer, right? ;)
Hmmm ... think I would up the CD steps myself! Having come so far to lose all your weight it would be a shame to gain weight going it alone. Isn't the point of the steps to try to help re-educate us and our way of eating?? I personally would be a bit scared that maintaining on another diet e.g. unit, ww, sw would give me too much of a free reign ... could just see myself having a carb-fest because the diets say it's ok?!

Good luck leehal with whatever you decide x


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Definitely up the CD plans. Would be hard to get the gradual introduction to carbs correct alongside raising the calories.


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I am planning to move up the cd steps when the time comes. Then once I have been on the steps and back in control and know what calories suit me, will move off cd and take it from there by eating healthy and in moderation, with regular exercise.
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What's a unit diet?


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Sometimes known as the jigsaw diet. It has free foods like SW and counts units rather like WW points.

It's a good diet, and I feel sure it'll be up with WW and SW in terms of popularity once it's been going a bit longer
S: 11st7lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 0st4lb(2.48%)
Thank you KD :)

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