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CD - mouse food?! :-O


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We live in an old house with a pantry, and now and then we get mice coming in from outside (the cats usually get them but not always!). I've been having a bit of trouble recently with bags of flour and potatoes, which seem to be their favourite foods - but never before have they gone for CD! However, this is the sight that awaited me when we got back from hols:-

I took this for my CDC, because she thought it was hilarious, but I thought I'd share it with you lot too! The mouse (or mice) didn't leave a single packet untouched and I had to throw out the whole lot - but not before I had a good laugh! (Especially at the thought of the very thin mice hiding behind the skirting board, lol! :D:D)

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Bless! We live near a river and have a field mouse problem too. I make soap and one of the main ingredients is fat, e.g. palm oil, coconut oil etc. They did their very best to troff their way through it. Not cheap either, the little *******!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
They ARE expensive little so-and-sos - that was a lot of CD food that they worked through there! :D (According to Aggie & Kim, the way to stop them is to soak wire wool in peppermint oil and stuff their holes with it, so I've done this with the hole I know about, but doubtless they'll find another way in!)


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Lmao sorry but that is funny. Did you get new packs replaced free?
Try getting some broccoli and cheese soup, that'll put the little b*ggers off!!! lol xx :D

mrs bee

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my boss gets the odd mouse in her house and they love her cambridge stuff, it's all they touch! Must be some skinny mice around!!
Looks like they preferred the soups to the shakes :D

Our house backs (more or less) onto a cornfield. Most of the time the fieldmice stay in the field, but when it is harvested you have to keep your doors shut because (apart from the dust!) the mice all scarper from the field and it's not unknown for them to come in the house. Our old cat used to love it lol
Lol! Imagine all those mice running round squeaking 'Woo Hoo! I am at goal!' x


Needs to stop eating!!
Just wait, you'll have constipated mice running round!

We don't get mice, we get their big cousins RATS:mad: Thankfully we think we've finally got rid, for the time being.
So just in case my CD are nice & safe in a metal bread bin. Lets see the little s**ts gnaw through that!

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