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CD rebranding


Slimming down the aisle
Anyone else had the new packs yet? Not sure when they started. Anyway I really like them. I think they look a lot more normal and a lot less diety if you get what I mean! I don't think I'd mind making a soup in front of people or a bar, because they don't obviously seem like this diet product anymore. Not sure why I'm telling you all but yeah, I like them!
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I was worried my beloved choc mint was gonna taste different :D and of course it never lol

I like the packs too :D

Not seen the bars as aint ordered them for weeks


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ive only got a few of the new ones, but yeah they look much nicer, and youre right less ''diet' ish!
Are the new ones white and the old ones red? I had all white packets and a few red ones of the brocolli and cheese soup, which I beleive are being discontinued....which i'm not unhappy about as they were a bit too cheesy for me lol xx
I agree Caroline that the new ones don't look like a diet food like the old ones do - they're much better.


Slimming down the aisle
Nope, no new flavours, just taking out the Broccoli and Cheese which is the most vile thing I've EVER tasted!
Yeah I had read a few people hated it so I decided not to get it.

I did however get chocolate and chocolate mint as I read alot of good plans. But my CDC said she is more than happy to swap any I don't like.

I took what you said into consideration Caroline (on a different thread) when my OH gets paid at the end of Jan, I'm going to buy my months worth of CD (£150 roughly) and just go in for weekly WI's so I'm not finding my CD out my weekly budget, which is £60 for nappies + food for OH, Kids + cats (usually spend more!). Soooo thankyou for that hun :)


Slimming down the aisle
You're welcome :) I'm a student so get my money termly so I'd even be tempted to do a terms worth! Though that's a lot in one go, and not sure how long all the packs last date wise. I just need a job to cover the cost of CD, that's what I need!


Slimming down the aisle
Might get two months next time then, though not sure I can carry it all!! haha Other thing is, if I've got it I can't give up, I can't afford to.


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my soup ones are red, but my shakes are white, the white looks better
When I was on CD my CDC had a client who had Broccoli and Cheese 3 x a day!

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