CD Soups?? R they tasty???

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In a word.... NO!


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Nope. Can't take 'em myself, but the most popular, and least offensive one seems to be Chicken and Mushroom, so maybe start with that. Steer well clear of the Broccoli and Cheese! It stinks!


will maybe give the chicken ago, its so much harder to get into this when its cold outside, I was hoping the soup was going to be palatable!! thanx


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HA i really like them!!! ive had leek and potatoe and a veg one so far am trying chicken tonight!!!
i use slightly more water 10fl oz and i blend it so its deffo all mixed up a touch of pepper and im away! i like them! taste like "normal" soups.
the only think that is rank is the frothy bubbles on top!!



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I hate all the soups but my mum completely loves them. It varies per person what you like so don't let the negativeness about soups get you down; you might just love em ;-)



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I love the soups! I have all of my CD's warm (even the shakes) and I think i've tried most of the soups.

Oriental chilli tastes a bit like Thai Green Curry - lush!
Chick and Mush is great. I just have it with the 8oz so it's really thick!
Cheese and Broccoli - yuck! Could stomach it but wouldn't be my first choice.
Mushroom is much the same as Chicken and Mushroom.
Vegetable is ok but not really anything special.
Spicy tomato wasn't worth the effort.
Leek and Potato is pretty nice too.

If it's just something warm you're after then I find these shakes great warm:

Chocolate orange
Chocolate mint
Toffee and Walnut
Vanilla (with a teaspoon of coffee in it)

And someone said the Fruits of the Forest was nice warm but I havn't built up the courage to make it yet!


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ooh NO :)

they are not that nice the only one i REALLY enjoy is chicken & mushroom i hate mushrooms but i like this soup, i even have it for breakast some times

cheese and broccoli is GREEN, i had it when a friend was over a i gagged, i had to choke it down, it was discusting, & she could do was laugh, i thought it was chicken and broccoli when i ordered it

oriental tastes really chalky, and has spicy bits in it

veg, has bits in too, i dont like it very much but its like second to chicken and mushroom

& tomato is just foul, it takes a while to make and i can never get it right

i think you should try them all though, diffrent people, diffrent taste buds :)


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I love oriental chilli .... and add musrooms to mushroom or chicken & mushroom soup. I also like tomato and cheese & broccolli too ... not keen on leek and potato.


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I think they are horrible, im on an eating plan aswell so get my savoury hit there, otherwise porridge and shakes for me.


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LOL cheese and broccoli is one of the least favourites - but I have many converts who love it! Must admit hadn't had it for a long time ... and all this talk of it - had it for tea tonight!


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i cant stand cheesey smellin stuff!! love cheese etc but i think the smell would be to much for me to handle!!!


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Mushroom & chicken rates number one with me, followed by Oriental Chilli and a close second is Spicy Tomato. They're much easier to take out with you than the shakes as you can mix them better. Good Luck!


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i love the spicy tomato, ha. it's just a bit more faff to make. but i tend to mix it with a tiny bit of water first and then add hot water bit by bit. it can be a bit grainy sometimes but i've just gotten used to that. then i like chicken and mushroom. i like the oriental chilli one made into crisps but not as soup.

abz xx


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I love the tomato, then its veg, and then mushroom. didn't like the oriental chilli, the leek and potato is ok not too keen on broccoli/cheese


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oohh abz how do you make the chips?? when can you start to make them into things ie the moouse etc???