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CD Newbie diary


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Hi all I've been reading the forum since just before xmas trying to decide if cd would be right for me. I decided to give it a go and started on ss on monday 10/01/11. To give some background im currently 16stone 4lbs, and have been this weight since ive been 20yrs old. I've tried healthy eating, gym, no beers etc and nothing seemed to work and after 2 months with no losses became demotivated and decided sod it ill just eat what I want drink my beer and hover around 16.5 stone. However, me and my fiancee of 3 yrs have set a date to get married on 30/12/2011 so loads of incentive to lose all my weight and feel and look great for my fiancee on wedding day.

My fiancee has started the diet at the same time, this has both positives and negatives. First we can swap packs to suit, we both know what were are going through at the same time, and hopefully we will both lose loads of weight together, and can encourage and support each other through the process. HOWEVER we are both really short tempered at the minute and the phrase making a mountain out of a molehill couldnt be more true lol hope this doesnt last!

Prep for the diet

I thought id kick start the process and prepare my body for the cd which I did 4 days before s/s day 1. So this meant little or preferbly no carbs which is really tough when you have never paid attention to carbs before, no beer, no sweets/crisps/pop, had salads, and chicken and veg. I also got dragged on a walk with the missus round a huge lake which was nice.:) We had the whole discussion of on last blow out on the night before I was due to start on the monday, we drove past mcdonalds and was seconds away from getting one last big tasty meal and a double cheese burger mmmmm. I then thought about a chicken kebab from local takeaway - but we settled on a home made chicken kebab on pitta bread with chicken breast and salad - i actually opened my last can of beer had one sip then tipped it down the sink :cry: thinking it would be a waste of the previous 4 days hardwork. Glad I did now.

Day 1 s/s

Ok I met my cdc seemed really nice talked for almost 2 hrs, place my first order for 2 weeks worth of "food" seemed strange planning in your sole source (no pun intended) of food for the next 2 weeks when I have no idea what flavours im going to like or dislike re soups/shakes/porridge. I decided to spread my bets and ordered almost everything to atleast give it a try once. So I had choc milkshake 1st for breakfast with a pint of water was fine, had a chilli soup for luncg again with pint of water this was quite tasty just like a cup of soup. I had 2-3 more pints during the day at work (office based) was full all day didnt have any cravings didnt seem to miss the food. In the evening I had strawberry shake (not the best) and syrup and pecan porridge, (thought the smell and taste of pecan was abit much will stick to apple and cinnemin) before I went to bed around 9.30 so there was something on my belly angain washed each meal down with a pint of water. I did buy some orange flavour for the water but havent used it yet as I dont mind water and used to drink a fair bit before the diet, thought id get it for in future for abit of variety. Day 1 ended well.

Day 2 (today)

Woke up with a satisfied stomach had a pint of water through the night again had a choc mint shake for breakfast (nice) plenty of water, had a spicy tomato for lunch which was canny, loads of water, not been going to toilet as much as I expected only been 4-5 times since 7am this morning. Ive had spells of light headedness mainly when Im rushing round the office up and down the stairs etc. Nothing too major just keep drinking the water seems to help. Ive noticed Ive got pretty much little to no energy left, just running up and down the stairs my legs become light, then burning, then they just slow down like they want to stop. I had to visit a shopping mall to get my mobile phone repaired tonight after work I had 5 mins to get to the shop and was speed walking to get there and must have got no more than 75m before I was puffing and feeling my legs slowing down, which made me chuckle as although im not the fittest I could run at a fast jog for 25-30mins on a treadmill before id feel the need to have a break. While I was in there I walked past one of my other big vices tgi fridays where my speciality was a full rack of jd ribs, I could smell the food from in there and for the first time craved some food, also had to walk past greggs and numerous other cafes and restraunts on my way out, but that is honestly the first time Ive missed my old diet, I wasnt so tempted that I wanted to walk in just made me think about how nice it would be lol. Just had a porridge about an hour ago apple will stick to those and will have a shake before I go to bed might try banana havent had that yet.

Thats all for now will keep post again tomorrow if I get a chance.
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It sounds like you`re doing brilliantly so far :D How exciting to be planning your wedding :D

Good luck to you and your fiancee, I look forward to hearing your first weekly WI results :D Has your fiancee joined the forum too?



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Hi Greeva. have you done CD before? I started on Monday too. I am on ss+ and haven't had any problems, that is until this morning!

I don't work Wednesdays but I always get up when my hubby goes to work at 7am.
This morning I woke with a stinking headache so I took some paracetamol and fell asleep - until 10am !!!!!!!!! I can't remember the last time I did that.
Anyway - the headache has eased and I have had my first pack so need to catch up with the day.

Hope you have a good day


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Keep up the good work, a wedding is such a great insentive to shift the weight, good luck :)


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Hi thanks for the replies. Hi wilma no I haven't done cd before so it's all new to me. I don't usually get headaches but yesterday and today I have had pain round my eyes so mild headaches haven't took anything for it yet and I've also got a bad cough that's it.

Day 3

Just a quick update woke up with a really sore throat again today and a really bad cough still got pain round my eyes, CDC says might just be my body getting used to running on lower reserves and not having the usual ability to fight off illness as quickly. Again going well today had a porridge for breakfast and veg soup for lunch which I enjoyed, just had a shake now, managed to drink my quota of water, used a ketostick which showed im in ketosis so job done. Been going to the toilet more todaythanthe last few day. I nipped to the garage for petrol after work and picked up some sweets for my son Ethan would have been nice to have abit of his milky bar or one of his tutti fruitti sweets but I had the shake instead- it's all good


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Well done not stealing your son's sweets! :)

It's said the first time on CD is the 'Golden Time'. Everyone, including me have managed to stick to it much better the first time around - so make the most of it.

Hope your missus is doing as well as you.

Great when them little sticks turn pink isn't it? I'm going to test in the morning, but tonight I have no headache and am not hungry so I'm thinking I'm 'there'.

Have another good day tomorrow.
Hope you`re soon feeling better :hug99: Watch you`re not coming down with something :(

Well done for not sneaking a sweetie ;) How is ur other half doing??


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Hi Greeva, just spotted this thread. :)
Well done on taking the plunge, and you'll be amazed at the losses to come. :D


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Good Luck, Honey!!! I'm on day 9, and feeling really good. Days 3 and 4 were horrific for me, so stick with it, it does get easier!! Good luck to you both x


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Day 5 & 6

Had probably my toughest day yesterday and today it started after coming in from work yesterday to the smell of spaghetti bolognase and garlic bread, usually my missus Carla has been cooking dinner and feeding the kids before I it in from work but I timed this one badly and walking right in when it was feeding time at the zoo. I even saw some quiche and even though I never eat quiche it looked and smelled lovely! So I quickly putty porridge on and made do with that was really tough but glad I did.

Today was fine at work drank loads of water haven't felt hungry all day then came home and de ja vu - home made chicken curry made by oh. I feel even more sorry for her as she cooks it all I just have to smell it lol. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being ready to crack and eat the food, looking back I was prob a 4-5 but at the time felt lie a 5-7. I think one thing about this diet is that I'm learning about food and why I ate the crap I did for so many years and my conclusion is that it was habit eating food when didn't need it or really want it, and the easiest food to eat and make tends to be the fattiest and most calorific and this us what I will change when I return to normal food. For example when I say habit since I got home from work there have been about 5 occasions where I see the food and without thinking I reach my arm out to grab it then I remind myself I can't have it - so I see this as a key change I need to make to my mindset, I need to learn to understand in future why I'm eating the food I'm eating before I just shovell it in out of habit. That's all for now.
You`re doing really well x So is your fiancee :D

It`s hard when we have families and still have to cook for them isn`t it :(

Hope you both have a good weekend Xx


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you are doing soo well !!!
You may want to ask if this post can be moved to the cd diary section as then lots of people will read (I know I hang around the diary section a lot) !!!


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Hi day 9 today haven't got round to posting last few days, been busy with work. I had a day off today took my son shopping for presents for his birthday (he's 2yrs old in feb). Also went for a long walk through the park with Ethan and Carla which was nice feeling like I have abit more energy, although saying that I could easily fall asleep if I wasn't watching Ethan as mummy's at work tonight. Well I had my 1st bar on the diet I bought 4 originally but thought I'd try one today had the peanut one which was nice felt like I was cheating eating it lol only managed half and have just finished the remaining half off now. I also bought some body analysis scales off eBay which are good looks like I've lost 12lbs in the last 9 days I get my proper weigh in Sunday coming so going to stay away from them until then. That's all for now.
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I'm not sure hun? I remember I asked for mine to be moved but it was over a year ago??? Hopefully a mod will spot thread !

I love reading diaries !!!!


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Hi Greeva, :welcome:

Welcome to you and your future mrs.

I sent a message on your behalf to a moderator. Your diary should get moved fairly soon.

When I asked to have my diary moved -- it was a thread I started that ended up more or less a diary -- it was moved quite quickly. The moderators on this site are awesome.

To get your posts up -- consider playing a few games (a lot are under chit chat) -- like the song game, etc. What you do is read the first post for the rules and last post to see with what you are working -- and post away. You'll have a lot of posts in no time. I still play the song game a bit, just because I like it.

What you two are doing -- doing a difficult VLCD together -- reminds of a German tradition. Before two people marry they have a party (usually about a week before the wedding) and all the guests show up with old dishes, etc. and they smash them making a huge mess... then the engaged couple has to clean it all up.

I asked why they did this, and was told that the Germans believe that "hard work will bind the couple to each other. They need to learn that they can work as a team."

You and your fiance -- are having your own "Polder Abend" through this diet.

This diet is hard work, but it will bring you together.

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Hi thanks for that minniemel :)

Day 12 today and probably worst day yet! Been at work and was fine all day but for the last few days me and my missus arranged to go out just the 2 of us and we had our eldest watching our 2yr old son, so thought it would be a nice rare chance to be out just the 2 of us. The original plan was to go bowling but all the lanes were all taken at both the alleys we went to, then we thought about the cinema but there wasnt anything on we fancied, so after that we ran out of ideas and everything seemed to revolve around food. Inevitibley we began torturing ourselves about foods and trying to convince ourselves it would be ok to cheat and then restart. Carla my missus was considering coming off cd all together and just going back on weight watchers while I was considering cheating today then going back on tomorrow.

Well after an hour of deliberation and torture we decided to come home my missus has decided to come off the diet after 12days 100% on ss. But to be fair she has lost less weight on cd than she lost last yr when on weight watchers in the same period of time, so she was really disheartend by her losses after sticking to the diet 100% and excersising everyday (30min -1hr walks) and it made her quite upset so shes decided its not for her, and she has just enjoyed a meal of chicken breast and salad.

Despite this I have decided ive had decent losses so far and resisted joining in or cheating for a day, so when i came back I had a choc mint bar not quite as good im sure but im over it now. Im sure it will be much harder now im on my own on this diet literally the other 4 people will be having food while im sticking to ss. Im determined to carry on as long as I can. Ive just got to stop trying to kid myself I can cheat for a day then get straight back on because I can see that becoming a very slippery slope and totally defeating the object. I just keep telling myself that its only 12 weeks, and at the end of the 12weeks (3 days before my bday) ill go out with all my mates who I havent seen since I started the diet and they will notice the difference, and then beyond that my wedding in dec 2011.

So looks like a long lonely road ahead lol just hope I can resist think its a good idea to steer clear of social events as this is whats caused the problems tonight- I also had to avoid the monthly free lunch and drinks last week when I attended my works monthly managers meeting.

This is no fun at all at the minute! :wave_cry:

Thats all for now.


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Awww - Greeva.

I feel your pain. My DH is doing the South Beach Diet (the Phase 3 of it is a very good plan for maintaining). But, I am one of those nutters who after the first week of SSing, I get where I have no interest in eating food -- but totally love smelling it, watching cooking programmes, cooking for others, etc.

Sacred Silence (on this forum) refers to this as "food porn". You might want to see if you enjoy helping her plan and prepare her meals (and the family's). Sort of living (eating) vicariously.

Also, WW is a good way of life for maintaining.


P.S. You can do it -- loads of us are.