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CD to healthy eating?


I started CD on 810 in October last year and lost just over a stone in 5 weeks, then had 2 months or so off barely gain anything in that time b'cuz even though I ate I had very small amounts and not a lot of carbs.

For the last 2 months I have been trying to get bk on track and failing miserably every single week. I have been losing but no more then half a lbs which is rubbish. So on this week I told my CDC I was gonna have a break and do healthy eating 1000 calories basically as I though I'd rather have proper food for that amount rather then step 3 which has CD products.

Has anyone done this? I was thinking shreddies for breakfast, salad for lunch then a bit of carbs n meat for dinner.

I'm really scared I'm going to gain n ruin all my hard work:( I'm getting married in 5months and need to book my alteration for my dress soon so I really can't afford to gain. I only have about 8lbs to go so very close. I just don't know y I don't have the same motivation as before!!
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You might find someone who can help over in the calorie counting forum?


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Try signing yourself up to My Fitness Pal (click on the link). It's free, and you can put in all your food for the day and keep track of your calories. I thought it was really good when I had a play with it just after Christmas. It has an iPhone app as well (for anyone who's reading this who's got an iPhone).

What I especially liked about it, LOL, was that it even has Cambridge products in its food database!

With only eight pounds to go, calorie counting could really work for you, hun. Five months is still a long time until your wedding, honestly. You could be at goal well before your wedding and be learning how to maintain your new weight for life!


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Oh - and don't panic if initially you seem to gain a pound or two (or even three or four). If you've been in and out of ketosis on 810, it's inevitable you're going to put some water and glycogen weight back on when you eat more carbs. Just keep the faith, and it will start coming back off again!
I changed from CD to healthy eating/gym end of Jan and I was 2 stone lost from CD and I am now down 3stone but lots of inch loss, i eat around 1500cals a day, mixture of low fat/slow release carbs. Good Luck

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