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CD to WW for the last 10lbs - advice please!!! :o)


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Hi Everyone,

Just after a bit of advice, after doing Cambride diet for the last few months and managed to loose 1 1/2 stones (was 2 which was my goal) but have managed put on 10lbs with nights out, nights in and lots of wine. i am gutted but have decided rather than dwell and continue to put on weight i am going to stop and start on ww to get rid of this 10lbs to get me back to my goal of 10.7 which even though i didnt think so at the time i was happy at and a nice comfortable size 10.

Can anyone give me some advice or personal experience with loosing with ww after doing a VLCD? I know i dont have alot to loose and the losses are slower as you get lighter, what has everyone been loosing around the 11.5lbs mark? I have started walking to and from work aswell which is about 4 miles a day (i do this about 3-4 times a week).

I dont regret doing cambridge for a minute the diet really worked for me and the weight loss was brilliant, also my CD counseller was great but i just dont have it in me to go back on it for the last 10lbs, i need something which will still let me have a life and teach me better habits with food.

Any advice greatly appriciated!!

Linds xxx
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I am also trying to loose the last 10lbs, I came over from slimming world and I'm still getting used to the points but I have lost 3lb in 5 weeks and for me that is very good as I state the same for months on sw in the end, it is hard to loose the last bit but I think ww is good because you can have a little of what you fancy but you have to control your portions.

Give it a go :)


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Thanks so much for the response Baby-Belle!! Im ok with it coming off a bit slower, i think if i kick up my exercise i should be at or near to goal by 1st 2nd week in feb. Im going to give it a go and see how i get on, will be amazing to have a diet where i can actually have a glass of wine on the wkend!!