CD Veg Soup , What is the green and red floating bits?


Starting again...
Can someone tell me what the green and red floating bits are? Please, I have a feeling the green is parsley ???

Thanks Karen:confused:
I guess they are green and red peppers? (peas and carrots)?

I have not tried that one yet!
Could be red pepper or tomato? Not peas and carrots :rolleyes:
I thought they were peas and carrots.

I only ever have the veggie soup - it's not that i don't like the others but veggie lends itself better to being 'played with' i.e black pepper, a little chilli powder and psyllium husks to turn it into a thick 'broth'.

Can't imagine Chicken and mushroom with that same consistancy! :eek:

ooooh I love veggie soup!! :D Saying that, I'm looking forward to trying the new Thai chilli one.
The vegetable soup bits are peppers, onions and carrots and it also has parsley.


Its much better then LL soup! and I had a choc orange bar last night :D yummmmmm
You can add 1g of curry powder to the soups makes the veg soup like vegetable korma.

OMG really yummmm, I'm going to enjoy this diet much more then LL, I think I have found the diet for me YIPPPPEEEEE:)