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CD Vegetable Drink


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i get the buillion and i love it great for a salty fix! and keeps away my leg cramps x


Shut up Ethel
Same stuff, essentially. I have been roundly told off here before now for saying that, but I am sorry I simply don't care, its the same stuff (and if it isn't identical then its as near as dammit!) and also about £1.30 as opposed to a fiver.

a tsp of it in a mug of hot water is yum. Keep spoon to hand as the bits sink!


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Are we limited to how much bullion we can have?
Where do you buy buillion, Ive never heard of it before, is it a stock cube? I am desperately looking for something to put in water myself.
i get it from sainsburys but i'm sure any large supermarket will stock it i get the marigold 1 and limit myself to 1 cup a day
not sure how much you can have


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It's the one with the purple lid we're meant to have right?


Shut up Ethel
Think mine has an orange lid?

Miss Unknown - Marigold Vegetable Bouillion. Its a stock powder rather than a cube, get it in any supermarket usually in the aisle with the oxo and herbs/spices and things.


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I'm sure my CDC said I should get the purple one not the orange one, but I can't for the life of me remember why!
Oh I am going to check that out in Tesco's later, dont have a sainsbury's here, the nearest one is 55 miles but im sure all the good stores would stock it.

Thanks everyone will let yas know how I get on
think the purple one is the reduced salt version?


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Ah, my CDC told me that the CD 'Boullion' and the one made by marigold was the same thing! She showed me the one she buys and it's the one with the orange lid and I was told that I could have as much as I wanted....... :)
Well I went to tesco's yesterday and they didn't have it and the guy I asked looked at me as if I was from another planet. Going to head to waitrose so fingers crossed that there is one there.


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It takes like veggie soup to me. Without the croutons and nice bits of pasta haha


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I actually really like it, before when I did LL I had it all the time instead of their savoury drink, it was cheaper and nicer. I haven't had any yet on CD, but there is a pot in my desk (orange lid) and one at home for when I feel like one.
It's like a salty thin soup, and works wonders and making you feel you've had something :)


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It's also very nice to cook your veg in if you are doing ss+ or doing your 810 week and you can use it as a soup like a starter before your 810 meal after you have cooked the veg in with extra flavours from the cooked veg in there as well. I cooked savoy cabbage and mushrooms in it yesterday and the stock after tasted like an oriental mushrrom soup-yum, would highly recomend trying it.

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