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a new way of living!
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Hi everyone,

sorry not been on here much and hello to all the new people.

well i moved from LT to CD about 5/6 weeks ago, as i wanted a plan with food, i was a healthy bmi and been on LT for 14 weeks and it was time to stop.

well, not eating anything is far easier that eating for starters!!!

with LT once you get past the 'horrible' stage of hunger, (first week) then the 'i'm not hungry but want to eat stage' (next 3 weeks) it actually gets quite easy. I then hit a stage at week 12 where i was missing fruit (I am eating about 3 apples a day now! :D) at week 14 i was ready to kill...

aside from those stages, this is an easy diet when you get into in.

then i did cd810, moved to cd1000, then cd1200 - all in all over 6 weeks of eating and drinking and not sticking to plan, i have gained only 3 lbs :D I am happy with that, as it includes two drunken nights out and, one meal, three take outs and more chocolate than i care to admit to.

the trouble was, CD tastes nice, and that reminds you of nice tasting food. LT tastes 'funny' and barely palatable for most of us!! ;) and that makes you forget about nice tasting stuff (after week 4) so i always wanted something 'nice'. even if it was just fruit.

so now we are in november, almost december, and 'that time of year' is almost upon us, the time where, historically, i end up bigger after a few days of madness. so for this reason, and because i have another 20lbs i'd like to lose, i have started weight watchers. i did it before, very badly, and never lost any weight; however, this time i am managing better as i am coming from a different mindset and habits.

for example, i hardly drink now, last time i drank every day. i hardly eat out now, last time it was 1-2 take outs per week, i didn't exercise then, now i do 2-3 times pw.

so, for those comtemplating CD, think about your previous habbits and what nice tastes do to your resolve, for those thinking of stopping, hang in as long as you can first!

as for those struggling, cheating and feeling rotten about it all - maybe try a conventional diet like ww if you think you would stick to it better, thats what i've done now and i feel far happier! but do try and give it your best most dedicated shot first!

love love love


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Hi Helen, thanks for posting this as there comes a time when most of us have a think about a switch to CD so it is useful to have your insight.

You have done so well over the 2 programme, I'm really glad that you are happy with ww as eventually we all have to have a plan for eating again or we ain't gonna maintain.

Also just lovely to hear from you so don't be a stranger x


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Thanks for your insight hun. You've done really well, i hope you carry on and lose the last 20lb with WW. :)


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Good luck shifting your last 20lbs with WW...your have to keep us posted...Caz xx


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Hiya Helen, thanks for sharing about the three diets and giving us your opinion on it all. I have to admit myself that I was thinking about changing to CD as there are more flavours in it as I am stuck to taking chocolate all the time on LT which is not very appetising and I tend to get bored with it but as LT is working for me I hate to give up without a fight now when I am in the race. I wish ya every success in losing your last 20lbs as I am sure ya will do ok. Ya seem a very strong willed person I wish I had your courage to succeed! Many thanks again and gud luck, take care


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
thanks guys, I will keep you posted and update my blog every now and then too :)

love love love

merry crimbly crumbly all


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Well done on your journey so far, I am coming to the end of the lipotrim journey and will be refeeding next week in the aim to commence on ww, so I will be interested to see how you do on ww after a tfr diet. I have another stone to lose which im hoping will come off with ww x