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This diet seriously gives you wings!!!

I have been on the diet since jan 8th and i have lost over 4 stone. It has been hard sometimes BUT do you know what? I feel the sexiest, and most attractive i have felt in my adult life (i am nearly 30 and wanted to be slim for my birthday in sept)
I sound so big headed (and noone likes a big head) But i feel so much more confident (so much so that i am starting pole dancing classes in a few weeks)
i get chatted up loads (which i swear used to be men trying to pull a fat bird!! :eek:)
This diet is costing me a bomb in new clothes and even down to the "show off" car i am buying for myself this weekend :character00100:

The reason for this post was to say, anyone who is finding it hard, feeling in hungry or stuck in a rut......STICK WITH IT....IT REALLY IS WORTH IT!!!!

Can i add that last weigh in i weighed 15'11 (i am 5'11) and my target is 12'7 (imagine what a big head i will be by then!!!):bliss:


sorry for the ramble, just wanted everyone to know that this diet should carry a warning!!!!! :p
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Ohhh when I read the title on the thread I thought you meant it had given you bingo wings! Teehee!

Well done on the weight loss, can't wait until I can boast such be losses too. Its lovely to see all the ladies (and gents) on here who seem like changed people when the weight is off- even if they are not at target yet. Well done again and I am soooo not jealous of the new car!! What are you getting? My car just passed it first MOT today- its 3 years old now :( Trying to persuade h2b that he wants to buy me a new car for my birthday in May!
Well done! I don't thin you sound big headed at all! What's the point of losing the weight if you are not going to shout about it?? I bet you are looing fantastic!!
I did pole dancing lessons a few years back and they are hilarious - look out for the bruises tho! LOL! You will feel sooo sexy once you start - loo out world! xx


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wow you are a total inspiration to me!! i was 30 last year and didnt want to turn 31 fat and unhappy! im only on day3 feel awful but reading that is how i want to feel although a flash car is out of the question as have 5 kids lol hmmm i wander if i can get a cool minibus lol


Speaks as she finds
My new car is a BMW (Well all going to plan!!)
I also have a Mercedes VITO VAN (for work) Which you can get in a seven seater!! which i also have to say.... is a sexy van .....especially if u "pimped it up" LOL :D I know someone who has one in pink and it looks fab!!!


Speaks as she finds
The thing with this diet is you have to be "in the zone" You have to want it with all your heart and you will succeed !!!
I was just over 20 stone and my friends kept saying "just eat sensibly" "do weight watchers" BUT i have and i have failed!!!
This diet does get easier BELIEVE me!!
The cravings start to subside within a week and the first time someone says "you look great" will be the inspiration you need to carry on!!!
Kelsocool fabloodyfantastic woman!!!! I know exactly what you mean, I actually went into town today wearing a tunic top black leggings and knee high boots and felt so good, and people didnt stare at me this time (which I always used to think they did, and not in a nice way either). That's only after losing 2 stone, and I have a long way to go. I already have a souped up 'sexy' BMW, maybe now I'll actually start believing I deserve it eh? xxxxx many congrats
Oh love you could be my twin lol! I started at 20 stone and tried Weightwatchers, Slimming World, and 2 different types of medication from the docs, and they didn't work for me either. Have you measured yourself to see how many inches you have lost so far? And how many dress sizes have you gone down? xx


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You sound confident and happy rather than big headed - long may it continue!


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i have lost......

7 inchs from my bust
7 1/2 from my waist
6 1/2 from my hips
3 1/2 from my arms
5 1/2 from my thighs

From size 22/24 to 16

in 15 weeks!!!

I have done Rosemary conley,weight watchers, slimming world, herbal tablets, "crap yourself a lot tablets" and even quite dangerous tablets (apparently)!!!
I think you may be right suzie....maybe we were seperated at birth lol

Kelly x
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Speaks as she finds
Did i say "i'm so excited....and i just cant hide it......i'm about to lose control and i think i like it yeah yeah WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Ok it may be time to remove me from this forum!!! Lol


can see the end in sight!
well done! You and I have very similar stats and goal weights, fancy a buddy to spur each other on to lose the last 3 stone or so?
Good for you girl!! Way to go!! I have "only" lost 18lbs but am feeling similar myself :) It was brill in the playground on Monday I got tons of compliments on how I am looking, I was on a high all day :) Like you, imagine how I'm gonna be at target lol


can see the end in sight!
LOL, I'll add you as a friend, you should get an email saying when I've done it.. And we can spur each other on with various inspirational messages!! Haha, and we can keep each other updated with losses.. Fancy a race to the finish line?? I am an Aussie and am very competitive! :)

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