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CD with Atkins

I attempted the CD SS 3 weeks ago but i only lasted 4 days because the hunger was getting unbarable.

Along time ago i lost 3 stone on the atkins but eventually but it all back along with extra weight lol. I am wondering weather 2 shakes and high protein foods like eggs, sausage, chicken and fish (atkins type foods) would stop the hunger pains and at the same time keep me in ketosis which is effectively what this diet is all about.

Has any one attempted this?? Does it work and aree results just as effective. I have 5 weeks of shakes left and therefore need to make use of them.

Please help me out as i think this could be key 4 me! Cheers!
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I have done sort of that with advice from my cdc. If it got too bad I will have a small bowl of cottage cheese or a tin of fish in brine. But essentially keeping to just protein avoiding carbs, but unlike atkins I have been going for the low fat things not the high fat things! as this is also a very low calorie diet. I have also sat with my family some nights and had a green salad and a small breast of chicken. In an effort to set a good example to my daughter that to cut meals is unhealthy etc.

You can do this, you did four days, that is the hardest part... day five is hard but easier and once you get past them you done the hardest bit ever. Restarting is difficult too! so get your wits about you and believe you can do it with the help of a few bits you can put in your mouth!!

The only other thing to mention is that if you do eat too much carb then you will come out of ketosis and hence have to go through the hungary bit again... NOT FUN, but if you keep strong you can do it!


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It might work, I suppose. But the losses you get would very much depend on how many calories you consume each day. You see, IMHO, CD isn't all about being in ketosis. It works because it's a very low calorie diet and the fact that you go into ketosis on it is the thing that makes it just about bearable - it masks the hunger pangs.

On sole source CD, you can expect to lose an average of 3-4 pounds a week. On Atkins, the initial weight loss can be quite dramatic, but that's because the first weeks' losses are due to the loss of water and glycogen. But thereafter, the rate of weight loss slows right down to 1-2 pounds per week, just as on other diets. At the end of the day, the reason Atkins works is because by restricting carby foodgroups, you eat fewer calories. Chances are though, you'll still be eating 1200-1500 calories a day, possibly more.

The rate of weight loss on CD remains fast however - because you're consuming around 450 calories a day.

I've done both diets by the way - and like you, my initial losses on Atkins were fantastic. I thought I'd discovered the Holy Grail of weight loss. :D But after losing the first couple of stones I got well and truly stuck. And after a few months of nothing really happening, carbs somehow found their way back into my mouth and I regained all the weight I lost and more.

You say that you had trouble getting past Day 4 when doing CD? How about going on to Atkins for a week or two and then moving on to CD? That might work, because you'll already be in ketosis so adjusting to having just shakes and soups might be easier?

I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide. :)
I am a bit evangelical about CD at present as its working so well for me, but just wanted to say... Sausgae is very high in fat.. and some of the bad press about atkins came around because of it's high fat content..
Also I would say that long term if you are eating the same as you are eating now (bulk wise) that has caused you to be overweight, what will have changed eating habits wise when you are at a healthy BMI?
If you can't do SS, maybe look at one of the other plans such as SS+ but remember the CD meals are researched well to work as stated...

Also, if you got to day 4 then you might just have been about to enter ketosis,,, which prevents real hunger ie that caused by the release of insulin in response to eating carb foods. Often when we feel hunger on CD it is an emotional hunger and that has to be worked through... otherwise you will always have the same eating responses to the same stimuli...

I am not trying to patronize although it may come over as that...
I am just saying... be careful to ensure that you are following a healthy plan, which not only gives you all the nutrients, but also gives you the ability to work out the food issues that cause us all to get fat in the first place...

Good luck however with what you decide:)


Julie W

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Agree with Tilly re the high fat sausages, plus doing SS+ instead of trying to put two diets together. I know it's difficult to give up at this stage because it is hard - we have all been there. But it does get easier. If you can get through the first week without eating and then have your weigh in, you might feel differently and be so pleased with yourself that you didn't pack it in.

Good luck


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I agree with Lily, I lost seven stone that way in 2003. I started out on Atkins with amazing results, but pretty soon stopped losing weight at all-even though my BMI was well over 25!!!

But as I was well into ketosis and very motivated I found it very easy to go over to shakes and soups and would eat an evening meal if I fancied one, or a CD meal if not. This got me to a seven stone loss in less than ten months.

However I too have put it all back on ....and more!!! Its all about finding out what works for you, but I would be tempted to try SS+ or 810 first.

I am on day 5 and would absolutly love to have something to eat...but Im NOT going too!!!
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5 weeks worth of shakes to use up??? how did you end up with so many?

could you not have got a refund from your CDC?

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