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Hi everyone,
Can anyone tell me what the cambridge diet is? Is it the same as lipotrim?
Just curious, not going to change as this is really working for me.
I am really excited to loose my final stone, its amazing really because on normal diets I usually spend my time wondering if I will loose weight but with LT I KNOW I WILL LOOSE the weight!!!! its hard and I always think about food but it is so worth it!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work everyone!!!!!!
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I think the only 'advantage' cd has it the availability of 'counsellors', otherwise it's pretty similar but with more choice. It's more expensive though, and my nearest counsellor was 1 1/2hrs drive away- not really practical!
think its the same principle but you can talk face to face with councillors, you dont need them on here(lol)


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I tried Cambridge Diet a couple of years ago, but I was rubbish I cheated the whole 5 weeks I lasted on it and only lost half a stone surprise surprise!

The shakes and soups were really nice and they did bars too which weren't too bad. Looking back now I could kick myself as if I'd stuck at it I'd be nice and slim by now. I don't think that I really understood what it was and how it worked back then. My counsellor was in Jersey and we corresponded by email and post so she never knew that I was cheating :copon:


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ive just switched from LT to CD, basically there is lots of other falvours of shakes and soups, very tasty haha and they have around5 types of cholate covered bars, nothing like LT bars they are amazing i could eat them all day haha, and also have ready made shakes for when your on the go, You have to go weigh in with whats called a councellor but they dont actually councell you they just weigh you and advise you on the diet, you choose your own packs each week, and when your ready to refeed you step up the plans gradually introducing food similar to LT. I heard throught the grapevine theyre made by the same company but I dont see why CD is so yummy compared to LT lol xx
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how much is cd each week?


Crawling to the finish!
S: 12st12lb C: 12st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.33%)
it varies from councellor. I pay £1.70 for porridge and shakes, £1.95 for ready made shakes and bars, you can have max 1 bar per day, if you have bars or read made shakes you have to up your water to compensate x


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I've switched too. I much prefer CD. The shakes, soups and bars are delish and as for the porridge..mmmmmmmmm!!! I pay £39 which is only £3 more than LT and sooo worth it! The losses are pretty much the same too, in my 1st week I lost 8.6 lbs and going for my 2nd WI tonight and according to my sneaky peek should be 3-4 lbs.

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