CDC - anyone in Oldham area? or near Oldham Rd A62 in Manchester?

I am in Bolton and see a lady from Rochdale and she did say I was the nearest counsellor to her.
I am on the Cambridge web site under find a counsellor, Lancs and my name is Debbie.

However it could be worth ringing the freefone number and giving them your post code as there may be someone nearer you not on the website.

hope that helps Lesley and good luck.
Thanks Debbie, I tried the freephone first..... I guess I was just hoping there'd be someone closer that they'd missed. Anyway, sorted it out today to go once a fortnight instead of every week so it won't be so bad. I'm going off the scales at work for my weight (work in a Dr's surgery, and they've only recently been checked) with the encouragment of a collegue who records it for me. So will still be weighed every week. It was just.... well... there are so many many classes for WW and SW and RC around I found odd there are no more CDC's. But I guess people on CD must be fewer? I'm doing fine anyway. Thanks
ah debbie you're new on the list, if i'd've know i'd've come to you my C is a bit of a duffer lol. i live in bury. only got 2 weeks left now so no point swapping lol.
Apparently there is new CDC in Hyde? :confused: Not sure if that's near to you, but I can try and get her phone number for you if you like ;)
Thanks again Debbie, but Hyde is where I go. started last week. It's a way from chadderton, but nearest there is I guess. She's very nice so happy enough if I can go fortnightly!