CDC clarification please......

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From my experience you will still lose around 1 stone per month perhaps a little less we do all vary.

It is a fantastic way to still remain on a VLCD, eat with the family and have great losses.



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I would have another chat with your cdc, remember this is your diet and you can take advice from your cdc but at the end of the day if the 790 is the plan you want to do then she should be supporting you in your weight loss plan. Yes you might find that you loss slightly less on this diet but if you feel forced to continue on a path you dont want to be on you are bound to come off the diet completely so aslong as you know you might lose slightly less i would have another talk with your cdc and tell her that this is your wish to swop to another plan.



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Thanks for your replies guys. My decision has been made I am now on 790, see CDC on Saturday so will let her know I have changed, done AAM last week so think it will be okay for me to be on 790 this week.


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As Linda said the losses are pretty similar, I have a lady who has lost over 5 stone on 790 and absolutely loves it as she can still have that little evening meal with her family and get skinny quickly, safely and without being hungry.



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as someone posted earlier..its your diet plan. You make the decision, they can only advise.
I started on 790 and in 4weeks have lost over a stone!!
1 stone 4lbs loss!!
WEight loss varies. You cannot put an exact figure on how much loss/gain.