cdc in liverpool


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any cdc's in the liverpool area on here?
I read a post, either on here or on dh and somebody was saying they were going for the cdc course, and i cant remember her name x
Morning, Skyzie!
I can't think offhand who that might be - but if it's urgent (as people have to wait a while to get on training courses), why don't you ring up the Cambridge help line on 0800 161412 and they'll be able help out with a CDC close to you who's already up and running?
How are you feeling this morning?

Its me, I'm going on my course in 2 weeks so hopefully will be up and running in about a month. Whereabouts in Liverpool are you from, I'm from South Liverpool - Childwall.

Helen x
morning isobel, i'm feeling much better this morning,very positive again! Plus i weighed myself and exactly the same as yesterday i'd of been so gutted if i had of gained so lesson learnt by me, thanks for last night hun xx

I'm in kensington childwall is not to far from is it, i did go to one cdc in mossley hill but he wasnt so good, so i'd be more than happy to go to you when your all soted out hun x
I'm so glad that you're feeling more positive today, Skyzie - take it one day at a time (one hour at a time, if necessary lol) and great news that you've stayed the same weight - you jammy moo! LMTO!!!

Hi guys,

I've sent my accreditation questionnaires off so just waiting for the phone call now.

I'm in Formby which is north of Liverpool, so thinwithin will be nearer to you Skyzie. But if you're keen to get started sooner and prepared to travel, of course you'd be welcome:)

Wishing you luck,

morning boobyjood,
formby is a bit to far hun, i'll stick with the guy i'm with in mossley hill untillwt is up and running. Only problem with the guy i'm with is besides he must be about 80 and gasps & wheezes for breath going upstairs to get the sachets (which makes me feel guilty for asking for them lol) but twice now when he hasnt had the flavour ive asked for,instead of asking me what alternative i'd like, he's just put in some soup shakes which i dislike and not said anything to me, just handed me the box of 21 shakes telling me all my order is there. it's not been till ive got home ive discovered what he's done. The first time he done it he completely denied it and said he'd checked my order and it was correct, the 2nd time he done it (this wk) i didnt even bother saying anything i made my mind up to find another cdc to buy off.
Good luck with your cdc future hun x