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CDC is no good

Hi back again to have a bloody moan. It was our weigh in this mornin and my CDC rang at 8:30am to say could we be there before 10am (or normal time) as she had to go out to an appointment (which to be fair she would have known about at least a week ago) so myself and my BM rushed to get the kids to school and preschool and get to hers for 9:45am even though she lives 20mins away. Then to top it off when we got there she didnt have enough of what I wanted as I only have two falv's that I like. My BM asked her 3 weeks ago to see if she could get her a CD magazine and still no response and my BM who eventually would like to become a CDC has more knowledge than her. She lost 7lb last week and she didnt even congratulate her she was really down about it. Please god can somebody out there help us we need a supportive CDC this is our second CDC and we know more than her. Please help we are that fed up with the lack of support off her that we want to give up.:sigh:
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Hi we are in Lutterworth, Leicestershire
I feel awful now but the amount my BM and I are spending each week we feel we should be getting better care. Also my mate is under the Dr if we change CDC's will she need to get a new form sighned
TBH if it means you get a good counsellor, it is such a difficulty to get the dr to sign another one, especially if she tells the dr her reasons for wanting to change

Sorry you are having problems you can call Emma Randall on 01536 403344 if you wish to she is the person who works with counsellors in your area.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your counsellor please let Head Office know as its the only way issues can be resolved. People in the south please contact Sarah Church same number as above.

All concerns are treated discreetly and in confidence.

If your friend wants to transfer to another CDC she can do under new rules and her new CDC can request the signed Medical Record Form from the old counsellor.

If the Doctor signed over 6 months ago a new form will be needed.

The freephone number is 0800 161412.

It is important you feel supported and comfortable with your counsellor.
Thanks everybody
Hi whitney, I think I would def try and get a different cdc and report this one if you feel she not up to the job. some of them i think are just in it for the money to be honest. My cdc is always keeping me long times im trying to get away from her lol!!! and always congratulations on weight loss etc You def need support and if you cant get that in your own cdc i think it is terrible


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You need to feel comfortable with your cdc your weight loss is a personal and private thing.Its a shame you dont live near me my cdc is working all day today but has nipped home in her dinner to see me ,as I have no transport I have to wait for peeps to be able to take me she happily put herself out this week(not sure she would miss her dinner every week ) ,I have rung her and she is always happy to natter to me I get emails telling me to keep up the good work ect .She also listens to new ideas that I have picked up and passes them along to her other customers .In fact she is more like a friend.
Change ur CDC you need a lot of support for this journey xxxx


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If you are feeling unhappy hun, then as everyone else has said you need to change. This is your life and your journey and you need someone WITH you on it all!

(I have to admit my CDC is awesome and I find her truly inspirational:D)


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I'm Whiteys BM and she really is'nt exagerating about our CDC. I would NEVER phone our CDC for support, i come on here for that. This is the 2nd one we have been to as well, the first did'nt even write our weight down or measure us at all. When we go to this one it's like she cant wait to get rid of us. Last week i went on my own and she had her son in law standing in the kitchen with her while i was being weighed, i felt quite embaressed and like clare said she did'nt even say well done when i lost 7lb. Also she does'nt know anything about SS+ , very often does'nt have what we want and when i asked her about the magazine she did'nt no what i was talking about. I no we should change again but we feel like we are going through them all lol. I swear when i get to goal i'm becoming a CDC.

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