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CDC Question.

Are there any CDC's on here who don't drive? Does it limit the amount of clients you get?

I'd really love to be a CDC and help people to lose weight with Cambridge. My CDC can be less than helpful but as she's the only one around here then I don't have a choice and I'd love to be able to offer a greater amount of support to people. The only problem is that I don't drive so clients would have to come to me until I learned (I can't afford to learn and do CD).
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The Diet Guy
Everybody comes to us at our home as we have all the stock, measuring equipment and all the other bits we need so it is not a problem.
Same here - my clients come to me. I use to go to clients - especially if more than one in the area .... but to take stock, scales etc was difficult, so I don't now.

Go for it! Good luck.


Fed up of being fat
I think my cdc only goes out to see people, I know I have offered a couple of times to go to her but she always comes out ... bless her!
I can sort of see the attraction with that, keeping home and business seperate... bit of a pain though to carry all stock/ scales/ other equipment around... mind you I suppose you can always ask for the stock order inadvance.
I've got one client I visit as she doesn't drive, but all my other clients come to me, I really don't think not driving will hinder your business at all - I'd say go for it :)


Cambridge Counsellor
Everyone comes to me at home. It has only meant that I've lost 2 clients this year. One found it difficult to come out because she was a carer, the other one didn't want to come out again after work, so ended up giving up. I have time restraints with the kids, so I can't deliver. None of the counsellors I was with ever delivered to me.

It hasn't made any effect on my business at all. I see around 40 people a week depending on the time of year.

I can see the point of view of a counsellor who would only want to deliver though - I'm not the tidiest person around, but I have to keep a room presentable for 40 people a week. And you have to factor in that sooner or later a client is going to ring your door bell unannounced when you're in the bath or in your PJs.

And although I can drive, I don't, through choice. I hate it.

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