cdc's & 810ers.... advice pls.

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  1. fattyfattybumtum

    fattyfattybumtum soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum

    Ive been on ss for 3 wks now and have lost 13lbs. Since yesterday Ive been feeling really sluggish and tired. This morning Ive woken up with aches n pains all over.
    Ive lately really been missing food aswell and feel i really really want to eat. Im thinking of moving to 810 coz i feel if i dont include food i might just end up binging which i really done want.

    My cdc is on hols for a wk so cant contact her. My question is:
    1-Can i jump from ss to 810 without doing ss+ ? Can i have alternate days on ss and 810?
    2-My cdc didnt have the yellow book so im not very sure what i can have and what not on 810. Cals etc... Ideas pls.
    3-If 810 includes milk...then i only take milk with my tea or coffee... is there an alternative i can have?
    4- Are the portion sizes really small? and will i still be hungry after my meal and pick on other food?

    Really appreciate your advice.
    Thanx a ton. x
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  3. cambridge*diet*08

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    ok ill try answer quickly...

    dont worry about jumping from ss to 810

    it is not advisable to alternate days between ss and 810

    you may be hungry on 810 as you could come out of ketosis

    there is an option to have some l/f yogurt instead of the milk (in my latest newsletter so ill check amount)

    um... what else did you ask???

    portion sizes are not large it is 3 camb packs and a small chicken/ fish salad or veg meal. again no carbs!

    hope this helps, sorry im in hurry but didnt want to read'n'run!!!

  4. alexmummy07

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    Hi there

    I've been told it's fine to go from SS to 810, and after having so little calories for a while, I very much doubt you will be hungry afterwards, but this is also a willpower thing too. You could do 810 for a week and then go back to SS, but one thing I will say is I know a lot of people on week 3 do struggle, and then they are ok again, so it could be week 3 blues? But totally up to you.

    I did SS for 12 weeks, then 810 for a week, then SS for 3 further weeks, then 810 for 2 weeks, and now on CDC's advice I am doing SS/810 alternating over the week (so slightly different to above poster) but my metabolism has really slowed down and this is CDC's way to try and push my metabolism up a bit without staying on 810 all the time and trying to keep it up and down with food amounts to not let it know what's coming.

    As for what you can have on 810 it is one of the following (or you can mix them if you have half of one half on the other, to make up the full amount. been told this by my CDC)

    250g plain cottage cheese 5% fat
    325g reduced fat cottage cheese less than 2% fat
    175g chicken breast without skin/fat
    175g turkey breast without skin/fat
    275g white fish fillet eg cod haddock
    260g canned tuna in water - drained
    190 fresh tuna steak
    275 quorn pieces/mince - NOT sausages or any others

    with this you can have 3 tablespoons of the veg below
    green salad leaves such as rocket, lambs lettuce, watercress, raddicio, little gem or romaine lettuces.

    Celery, cucumber or red radishes, courgettes or marrow.
    Spinach, kale, turnip or taro tops. Chinese leafy greens such as pak choi or Chinese cabbage.

    Broccoli, cauliflower or any cabbage, even pickled!

    Asparagus, fennel or celeriac


    Cook protein-rich foods in the microwave, steam or poach in water. Don't add any fat or salt, but do add herbs, spices or a little stock. Alternatively sprinkle with fresh herbs, a twist of black pepper or grating of nutmeg, a squirt of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, wrap in foil and oven bake until tender. Serve salads raw or with fat-free salad dressings.

    Hope this helps xx
  5. sjones23

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    I am in my second week of 810 now, i didnt do either ss or ss+, my counsellor told me that she expects an overall weight loss of 12lbs per month on the 810. She also told me that the weightloss in ss+ and 810 are very similar a difference by couple of lbs per month. I decided on the 810 as i had done lighterlife previously and knew what i was in for and felt it was going to be harder for me 2nd time round and i am so happy i chose 810 for the moment anyway. My first week weight loss was only 4.5lbs but i have lost half an inch off each body point and i did preparation for a few days before i started.
    On the 810 in the book it does state that the majority of people come out of ketosis when going on to the 810 but because you are still on a vlcd you will still burn fat and therefore loose weight (i do have to say i am in ketosis though even though on 810 and quite a few people do).

    You could always try 810 for a couple of weeks and see how your losses are and then if you decide after a couple of weeks go back down to ss or ss+.
  6. fattyfattybumtum

    fattyfattybumtum soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum

    Thankyou so so so much. Your post has been so informative. Really appreciate it. Im def gonna give it a go...maybe next wk. x
  7. fattyfattybumtum

    fattyfattybumtum soon 2 b skinnysexybumtum

    Thank you so much for the above info. Im def thinking of changing to 810 next wk and give it a go and see the results. Im not bothered about the ketosis long as im losing weight im happy.
  8. Luci-De-Milo

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    Hey - I've just seen your BMI is 24.9 (ie a healthy BMI)

    You should NOT be on SS or SS+ at all anymore, you need to move onto 810 *now* as you'll start to burn lean mass instead of fat.

    Apart from that, basically ditto what all the others have said! xx
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