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CDCs...can I ask you a few questions?


Mistress of the Dark
Hi everyone,

I am really directing this to all the CDCs on here.

My CDC said I would make a good counsellor and that if I was interested, she would tell me all about it when I get closer to my goal. Now I know I have a way to go yet but I am just curious about a few things.

The things I want to know are:

Are the set up costs high when becoming a CDC?

What time commitments are needed?

Is it is possible for it to be your sole source (pardon the pun!) of income? I am not asking for figures here.

For me it is not about earning money, but about helping others to reach their goals. If I were to become a CDC, I would want to dedicate all my time to it without compromising it by having another job, but obviously I need to know if that is feasible.

Thanks in advance!

Gem x
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Hi :)

This is something you will need to talk to your CDC about as she will be sponsoring you. I would suggest you make an appointment to talk to her in depth about it and write down any questions you have.

Tbh I doubt any CDC on here would answer any questions about income etc on a public forum!!

Hope this helps.


Mistress of the Dark
hi Spooky, thanks for your reply.

as i said, i realise that it is personal but i only wanted to know if it was feasible to have it as your sole source of income therefore negating the need to tell me any figures :)
Hi Gem

If its any help I know my counsellor and partner have given up their (well paid jobs) to focus on CD as its soo busy. Suppose it depends where you live, town/city and if there are already lots of counsellors in your area. Maybe check out CD's website to see?



Mistress of the Dark
thanks Scarlett, that is helpful :) x

i probably didn't make my post very clear to begin with. i don't want to know specific figures at all, just what people's experiences have been when becoming a CDC. obviously if people don't want to answer me, they don't have to! x
I've always worked as a CDC as my sole source of income - but then I was studying full-time immediately before I began so I didn't have to give up a job to do it.

So much will depend on the area you live in and how much competition you have. For example, where I live there are at least 6 other CDCs in reasonably close proximity so any potential clients in this area tend to prefer to go to whoever is the nearest to them. But then in other parts of the country there isn't another one operating for miles!

Your CDC really is the best person to discuss this with as she will know your local area better than anyone.

Good luck whatever you decide to do :)

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