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CDC's out there - advice?


is going to loose!

I'm meeting with a CDC on Monday and was just wondering how long will/ do you think it will take me to loose about 22lb/8 kilo's?

How long does refeed go for and knowing that it is individual for everyone can you give me a rough guideline, is it related to oyou BMI?

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They say you lose aprox a stone a month (I'm not a CDC by the way LOL). xx
Shazpaz is right, the average loss is approx 14 lbs (1 stone) per month for most females (regardless of starting BMI). Of course that's assuming you stick to the diet as it's devised. With that in mind, you should be reaching your target in about 2 months.

Your CDC will talk you through the various stabilisation/maintenance steps when you meet with her on Monday.

Good luck :)


is going to loose!
Thanks, not sure about things still. Will wait and have the chat on Monday.

Hopefully I will only have to SS for a week or two I like the idea of still incorporating food as it's a better approach towards maintaining I think.



is going to loose!
So if I'm not on SS there are plans 810? & 1000? (sorry if i'm wrong) and you obviously start this when you reach an improved BMI?
Which step you start on depends on what your starting BMI is....in order to start on SS your BMI will need to be 25 plus one stone (usually equates to around BMI 27).

You will probably start on the 810kcal step, which incorporates a small amount of food along with the Cambridge diet meals.

Best to chat with your Counsellor when you see her/him.....

Good luck !!


is going to loose!
Well I started my 790 plan yesterday and so far okay. I've got a busy weekend and this is where I usually fall down. So just really want the weekend to be over with.... god that sounds terrible.


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