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Cecelia Ahern

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I am a reluctant fan. I have a slight snobbery in my attitude to books but I'll read anything. It's the curse of the lit student.

I've now read all bar one of Cecelia Ahern's books and have to say I really really enjoy her fantastical themes. (Tho..'Thanks For The Memories' -not so good.) I loved 'A Place Called Here'. So ppl -I am putting it down now..
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I've steered away from Cecelia Ahern because I thought it would be same-old, same-old trashy chick-lit. (I'm not a fan of that type of book as you might guess!) However I really enjoyed A Place Called Here and I'm going to try some of her other stuff - what should I read next?
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Well -I'm the same, I get bored of the chick lit bogstandard typical-ness lol As I say I really enjoyed 'A place Called Here' but definitely check out 'If you could see me now'. Think Drop Dead Fred but much much nicer. :D
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mmm I have to read the Rainbows and I think there's a newer one..maybe I'll guilt OH into buying them for me. :D
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I love her books especially PS I love you, the film was really good as well. I havent read any of the others but its defintely on my list to do.
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good! Keep the mind and the hands busy :D


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I love her books, And i have asked for her new one, 'Thanks for the memories' for xmas. Have to say, i was disappointed with PS i love you, the film, just didnt reach my expectations! mind you, the films rarely do, after i have read the book, just not what i have imagined.


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I recently read PS I love you. I'd not even heard of the film until i picked up the book. i couldn't put it down. i'm not into chick lit as such, but i do like the odd romance, this one i found on a shelf in the staffroom at work and i balled my eyes out!!

the next week i read bridges of madison county. i'd forgotten the end. doh!!

abz xx


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I've just finished her latest book, The Gift. I loved it.
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It's a lovely book. I got it for my birthday :D, else I would have waited til it was out in paperback.


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Hmm... I'm still on sure. Although I've kept going with her.

PS I Love You - did enjoy but still found it hard to get through - possible because I didn't like the main woman. I was disappointed by it to be honest.

A Place Called Here - Again, could not "relate" or empathise with our main protaganist, but I loved the concept of this one - which alone kept me going. Again, found it hard to get into, but it was better then I thought when I started it.

Have put a couple on my list for birthday but I just seem disappointed with her books.
have read all except "the gift" its in my wardrobe waiting for xmas my 19 year old daughter loves her too, so bought as a stocking filler. may just get it out now and read first, i love the links with dublin and ireland in all of them, yes i am going to get it this minute,... got it, it has a beautiful red ribbon around it so i shall have to re tie after, logging off now to read:D. Bridie x


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One of my fave writers, just bought the gift. Loved PS I love you. Everything just flows so easily and they evoke some beautiful emotions.
I remember when I first heard of her book PS-I love you in Richard and Judy's show. I was abit sceptical.

Last year I came across her book in the Libary and decided to read it and it really touced me, since than I have read all of her books part from The Gift.

The one I really liked was Where Rainbows End and also If you could see me now.

Thanks for the memories was ok. I love her writing style.


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I adore Where Rainbows End. It is my most favourite book ever and always has me in tears from about the middle right to the end. I absolutely love it.

I thought A Place Called Here and If You Could See Me Now were a bit weird, but I still enjoyed them. They were my least favourite of her books.

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