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Ceeps' Diary of Food

Ok. So I thought I would try and keep a food diary on here. Only ever done the paper ones from club before. I am hoping it will keep me on the straight and narrow and I am going to try and list everything that passes my lips. PLEASE let me know if I am getting anything wrong or if you think maybe I am not having enough food...which they think at club. I will also try and take my pedometer with me every day (although I forgot it today) and will keep a total of my steps
Oh yea... I have an underactive thyroid and I find my loses are very slow.
Here goes......


HEA - Mil
Breakfast - 1 Weetabix (1/2 HEB)with water and Mullerlight, 1 banana
Mid morning - 2x plums
Dinner - Sweet & Sour Mug Shot, 1 apple
Mid Afternoon - Hi-Fi bar (HEB), 1 banana
Tea - Omlette (Cheese (HEA) Quorn Sausage, onion, 3x eggs), Tinned Tomatoes. Mullerlight, 1 Nectarine
Later - 1 Weetabix (1/2 HEB)

DRINKS - Coffee, Tea, Pepsi Max, Water

SYNS - Curly Wurly 6 (I think)
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I have just had a blonde moment. I have just realised that I can't just jump back in and add the next meal to the thread :doh:
I WILL get the hang of this one day :eek:
THURSDAY 8/10/09

HEA - MILK (for drinks throughout the day)

Breakfast - 1 Weetabix (1/2 HEB) with water, Mullerlight, Banana
Mid Morning - 1 apple
Lunch - 1 Mug shot Tomato & Herb
Mid Afternoon - 1 Mullerlight, 1 plum
Tea - low fat super noodles on toast (HEB) topped with 42g lf cheese (HEA), half honeydew melon,
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there...yes, Curly wurlys are 6 syns! Im eating one now!
I love curly wurly after they have been in the fridge and a bang them on the table and then sit and pick at the little bits. It makes it last for ages:drool: .
Could I just ask you what you think of the amount of food that i have eaten. Do you think it's enough?:confused:

Mrs V

Loves Life!
No Hun...you really need to eat loads more than this! Have a look at my diary and you will see what I'm eating and thats with a gastric band fitted!
It will click dont panic, but there are so many more free things that you could be eating...I would be hungry on what you have chosen!
Not been keeping track but HAVE stuck to the plan 100%. Even when OH bought me a cake home from town on saturday:mad: I threw is in the bin when he wasn't looking:eek:. It's weigh in tonight and on my scales I have lost 1.5. Must try and keep a written record.

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